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Lawsuit against city on hold

Geneva Ridge requests plan amendment

June 30, 2011
United States District Court Judge J.P. Stadtmueller has put the $123 million case between Geneva Ridge Joint Venture and the city of Lake Geneva on hold until the end of August in anticipation of a possible settlement in the suit. The order to stay the case, filed late last week, followed a June 17 motion asking the court to delay the proceedings until Aug. 31. Geneva Ridge and the city have been in negotiations since April to resolve the suit. "The parties have participated in a mediation process supervised by the Honorable William E. Callahan Jr., Magistrate Judge," the motion stated. "That process has produced an understanding and agreement on certain principles, which, if finalized would result in full settlement between the parties and a dismissal of this litigation. The parties anticipate resolution of the mediation process, one way or the other, on or before Aug. 31."
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Horticultural Hall events scheduled for birthday

Celebrating a centennial

June 30, 2011
One of Lake Geneva's most well-known landmarks, Horticultural Hall, is celebrating its birthday with a number of events this summer. Built in 1911, the Hall's roots actually began in 1877, when summer lakeshore residents enlisted their gardeners and estate foremen to assist in raising money for the support of Holiday Home Camp. By auctioning fruits and vegetables and staging mid-summer fairs, they were able to support the home. One account reveals that a watermelon brought $100 and a bunch of grapes sold for $75.

Purchase could expand trail

January 20, 2011
Lake Geneva city officials are a few steps closer to purchasing about 60 acres of environmentally sensitive land which weaves along the White River through the former Hillmoor property. While the long-term future of the Hillmoor land remains unknown, the city apparently is moving toward buying part of the property with help from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Urban Rivers Grant. City Administrator Dennis Jordan said the 50-50 grant is expected to be about $90,000. He said the city will have to chip in the same amount as the state.

Historians want to save theater

January 20, 2011
Since the summer of 1928, the Geneva Theater has been a fixture in downtown Lake Geneva. For a long time, it was the only theater in the area. But, things have changed. The property has been on the market for $949,000. Now, with a possible purchase of the property in the works, some local historians are hoping a piece of the building's history can be saved. Lake Geneva Historic Preservation Committee Chairman Ken Etten said a number of interested community members have met to discuss the future of the building. He also has discussed the possibilities with local leaders and groups.

Recent Lake Geneva News
Location still undecided for skate park
June 23, 2011
An exact location for a new 10,000-square-foot concrete BMX/skate park hasn’t officially been decided, but that didn’t stop park designer Mike McIntyre, or 10 users of the city’s current skate park, from talking about the elements they would like to see incorporated in a new facility.Last Wednesday, Park Board members, city officials, a table full of BMXers and skaters along with McIntyre, a world-renowned skate park designer, gathered at the Riviera to talk about where to locate a skate facility and what a new wheel-friendly Lake Geneva plaza could look like. Late last month, members of the City Council voted 5-3 to spend $30,000 for design and engineering services for a new skate park that is estimated to cost between $250,000 and $350,000. Tax Incremental Financing District money will be used to fund the park, if it is approved by the City Council.
Tryout for top spot
June 16, 2011
It didn’t start out well — one girl ended up in the water and four times jumpers watched from the pier they had just leaped on as the boat sailed by without them.Unseasonably chilly temperatures made for a rough go of it for some young adults as they hopped on and off Walworth II during the annual U.S. Mailboat jumper tryouts last Thursday morning. It was a treacherous morning and early afternoon for the new jumpers but the veterans were solid most of the day, which included jumps onto four different piers and more than two hours on the lake. Six of the nine who tried out for one of the most visible summer jobs in the Lake Geneva area will serve as Mailboat tour jumpers. Three of the newcomers who didn’t make it were told to come back and try out again next year.
City borrows $2.98 million
June 16, 2011
The decision has been made — the city will borrow $2.98 million to fund capital projects over the next three years.After months of discussion about whether to borrow to pay for a new aerial ladder truck, road repairs, public works vehicles and various police items, the council voted 5-3 Monday night to borrow the money at an interest rate of 2.425 percent.City Administrator Dennis Jordan said the city should receive the money by early July, when it will be placed in a capital improvement fund. During the next three years, the money will be used for items including an $875,000 fire truck, plow vehicles, computers, storm sirens and to repair alleys and streets throughout the city.
Skate park design meetings set
June 09, 2011
By the end of the month, it is likely there will be conceptual drawings for Lake Geneva’s new skate park.But before that happens, the community, including city officials, skaters, BMXers, parents, kids and residents are invited to provide their input during the first Wheel Friendly Plaza design meeting Wednesday, June 15 at 6 p.m. at the Riviera. The meeting, which will be led by skate park designer Mike McIntyre, president of Action Sport Design, is to discuss the proposed “wheel friendly skate plaza design for Dunn Field.”Kanten Russel, a principal designer with ASD, who will be working on the Lake Geneva Skate Park facility, said the meeting will follow an agenda in which those in attendance will talk about all aspects of the project. He said those items include how big the park will be, what style, programming, dynamic elements to be included, landscaping, access, parking lots and determining how the park will fit into the community.
Officials compare parking systems
New operation could cost up to $900,000
June 09, 2011
Imagine shopping in downtown Lake Geneva with no need to have a pocket full of quarters. Or, how about being able to put more time on the meter without interrupting lunch or a swim in the lake by having to walk back to your car. Think about driving into the city and being guided to open parking spaces downtown just by using your GPS or Smart phone.One day, that could be a reality in the city of Lake Geneva.On Monday night during the Committee of the Whole meeting, aldermen listened to presentations and observed two separate machines from a pair of parking system companies interested in providing terminals and software for the city. A recommendation is expected later this week from the city’s Parking Commission which will be forwarded to the Council for a vote at an upcoming meeting.
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