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Itís a ramp. Itís a structure. No, itís a parking garage!

July 22, 201406:05 PM
So what exactly should Lake Geneva call that four-level box that holds 300 or more cars at a time? Is it a parking structure? Is it a parking ramp? Is it a garage or an elevated parking garage?...more»
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Deputy DA leaves for large law firm

July 01, 201405:29 PM
After more than 11 years as a prosecutor, former Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube left the county’s district attorney’s office to join a large law firm in Janesville. ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Fontana bridge reopens

July 08, 201403:27 PM
FONTANA — The Fontana bridge is reopened, but it’s just a temporary fix....more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Well tests aid water quality mapping

July 15, 201401:09 PM
LINN — A program to test private well water in the town of Linn is drawing more participation than expected, according to Ted Peters, director of the Town of Linn Sanitary District....more»

12-year-old golfer among the best

July 22, 201405:49 PM
Holly Murphy of Lake Geneva is a writer, a musician and one of the state’s best young golfer. Twelve-year-old Holly recently took the lead for the Girls Player of the Year for the Future Champions ...more»
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Lake Genevaís mailman

July 22, 201406:04 PM
He might be the most popular man in town. In a city known for controversial figures, Mike Huml stands ...more»

Utility employee charged with theft

July 22, 201406:00 PM
Robert Leber, a former Lake Geneva Utility Commission employee, was charged with misdemeanor theft ...more»

Carstensen, Hoeft make initial court appearance

July 22, 201405:57 PM
Ronald M. Carstensen, former Lake Geneva street superintendent, and Donald A. Hoeft Jr., former Lake ...more»

Business owners seek free parking for Maxwell Street Days

July 22, 201412:15 PM
Free parking is usually a somewhat ticklish issue for the city, but the Lake Geneva Parking Commission ...more»

Disc golf course opens July 26

July 22, 201411:39 AM
Just in case anyone has seen those flying-saucer-like things zinging around near Dunn Field on the ...more»

Late quorum Monday

July 15, 201403:30 PM
It took 30 minutes for the Lake Geneva City Council to achieve a quorum Monday. The agenda was an easy ...more»

Ramp discussion start with money

July 15, 201403:31 PM
Construction techniques were discussed and facades reviewed for a proposed downtown Lake Geneva parking ...more»

Extra costs delay park study

July 15, 201402:43 PM
Invitations to a public response survey about Lake Geneva’s parks and open spaces will be a little ...more»

Hill, Jordan exchange sharp words

July 15, 201402:40 PM
A short but sharp exchange between a city council member and the city administrator occurred in the ...more»

Cash flow questions in street department since coin controversy

July 08, 201403:41 PM
Problems at the Lake Geneva Street Department may well have sprung from the fountain at the Riviera....more»
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