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Elected officials react to theft charges

July 01, 201405:44 PM
Discovery of a secret slush fund and the trade of city road salt and sand for materials and services from two area landscaping companies still evokes hurt and anger with Lake Geneva City Council members. ...more»
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Deputy DA leaves for large law firm

July 01, 201405:29 PM
After more than 11 years as a prosecutor, former Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube left the county’s district attorney’s office to join a large law firm in Janesville. ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Fontana bridge reopens

July 08, 201403:27 PM
FONTANA — The Fontana bridge is reopened, but it’s just a temporary fix....more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Well tests aid water quality mapping

July 15, 201401:09 PM
LINN — A program to test private well water in the town of Linn is drawing more participation than expected, according to Ted Peters, director of the Town of Linn Sanitary District....more»

Handel turns a new leaf

July 15, 201402:44 PM
ELKHORN — John Handel has stepped down as head coach of the Elkhorn High School basketball team. The former Badger High player and assistant coach has decided to “turn the page” after ...more»
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Late quorum Monday

July 15, 201403:30 PM
It took 30 minutes for the Lake Geneva City Council to achieve a quorum Monday. The agenda was an easy ...more»

Ramp discussion start with money

July 15, 201403:31 PM
Construction techniques were discussed and facades reviewed for a proposed downtown Lake Geneva parking ...more»

Extra costs delay park study

July 15, 201402:43 PM
Invitations to a public response survey about Lake Geneva’s parks and open spaces will be a little ...more»

Hill, Jordan exchange sharp words

July 15, 201402:40 PM
A short but sharp exchange between a city council member and the city administrator occurred in the ...more»

Cash flow questions in street department since coin controversy

July 08, 201403:41 PM
Problems at the Lake Geneva Street Department may well have sprung from the fountain at the Riviera....more»

Fromer alderman grips about parking consultant s pending

July 08, 201401:04 PM
The Lake Geneva City Council is the last line of defense for the city, said former alderman Bill Huntress. ...more»

Girls didn't always jump from Mailboat

July 08, 201411:56 AM
It was her dream job. To jump from a moving boat, race down a water-slicked pier to a mailbox to deposit ...more»

‘Smart Cards’ could provide incentives to shoppers

July 01, 201405:31 PM
Several possible alternatives exist to give businesses the option of rewarding customers with free ...more»

Day in Time helps clients hold on to memories

July 01, 201405:35 PM
The time and venue for a wedding seemed appropriate. It was at Anchor Covenant Church, 1229 Park Row, ...more»

Rove, Gibbs talk strategy at Grand Geneva

July 01, 201405:33 PM
It doesn’t matter that they worked for presidents with opposite political leanings....more»
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