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Committee leaves a trail of beauty in its path

May 03, 201602:45 PM
It started with a donation of 6,000 tulip bulbs. What to do with all those flowers? The Committee for the Beautification of Lake Geneva was born from the need to meet those tulip logistics, said Grace ...more»
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Walworth County honors historian Reinke

May 17, 201612:27 PM
ELKHORN — Doris Reinke, a long-time member of the Walworth County Historical Society, and herself a part of Walworth County history, was honored by the Walworth County Board on May 10 in a special ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Fontana bridge open to traffic

May 25, 201608:26 AM
FONTANA — No more detours. The bridge is finally open. After nearly seven months, the South Lake Shore Bridge was reopened Friday, May 20. ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

‘Lion King’ big musical for Woods School

May 10, 201601:10 PM
GENEVA — If the testimony of two leads in Woods School’s “The Lion King Jr.” is any indication, it’s going to be a show people remember. “So far, this is one of ...more»

Thunderstruck: Big Foot rallies to stun rival Brodhead

August 23, 201603:11 PM
WALWORTH — Far to the north, an eruption of lightning rippled through the dark night sky prior to the second half of the Big Foot football team’s season-opening 28-27 victory over conference ...more»
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Judge Johnson settles into court as new circuit court judge

August 23, 201603:18 PM
ELKHORN — New doesn’t always mean different. In many ways, this is the approach former ...more»

Lake Geneva council debates waivers on fees

August 23, 201603:17 PM
Fees. Who pays them, who doesn’t. When to collect them, when to waive them. This issue has been ...more»

Venetian Festival brings in tourists, community members

August 23, 201603:14 PM
For 54 years, Venetian Festival has come to Lake Geneva. The festival provides an annual event for both ...more»
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Unusually high number of boat sinkings this summer

August 23, 201601:59 PM
It’s been an unusual summer for boat sinkings. Ted Pankau, director of the Lake Geneva Water ...more»

Area band raising cash for tour

August 23, 201611:14 AM
Sometimes it takes a car wash and a bake sale to get a band ready to hit the road. Audiophilia, a local ...more»

A sour note at Symphony Bay development

August 23, 201611:01 AM
Symphony Bay, a subdivision with more than 400 homes planned for the southeast side of Lake Geneva, ...more»
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Diagnoses for tick-borne illnesses on rise

August 16, 201603:43 PM
The Walworth County Public Health Department has seen about a 50 percent rise in tick-borne illnesses ...more»
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Gygax legacy set to get Hollywood treatment

August 16, 201603:01 PM
The imagination of the late Gary Gygax may yet find its way to the big screen in the form of a blockbuster ...more»

‘Fast Ed’ receives fire department spotlight

August 16, 201602:46 PM
Ed Zwiebel was born in Lake Geneva and, since 1971, he’s helped protect Lake Geneva residents ...more»
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Police recover two guns in separate incidents

August 16, 201602:43 PM
In at least two incidents in July, Lake Geneva police officers came across firearms either connected ...more»
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