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The real reason why we're losing our freedom of speech

January 27, 2011
The concept of political correctness has run rampant and is ruining this country and our freedoms. According to Webster's dictionary, being politically correct means "conforming or adhering to what is regarded as orthodox liberal opinion on matters of sexuality, race, etc." But, it also states that the term is "usually used disparagingly to connote dogmatism, excessive sensitivity to minority causes, etc."
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Some of us have been waiting a lifetime for this

January 20, 2011
Although I enjoy almost all sports, I don't typically use this column to talk about those things. An editorial should be about important national topics such as our more than $14 trillion national debt, increasing health care costs and the use of politics by some to make excuses or try to explain why an insane man shot people at an Arizona grocery store. An editorial typically should be an opinion about a local issue such as the rescue and fire services disagreement between Geneva Township and the Lake Geneva Fire Department or whether the Walworth County District Attorney's Office should have filed charges against Lake Geneva city staff for mismanagement.

Recent Editorial
Stumbling along to another new year
January 13, 2011
I took an expensive walk the other day.I decided to leave my car at work and walk the two miles to my apartment. The walk back the next morning was chilly but exhilarating. I noticed other walkers and was happy I wasnít the only one crazy enough to be out on a winter morning. But as I approached the Regional News, I noticed something was missing. My car.
Attacks on America head list of decadeís top stories
January 06, 2011
The decade is over.Throughout this edition of the Regional News, we have taken a look back at some of the intriguing, long-lasting, tragic and exciting stories from the past decade.However, just like always, our focus was local.
Prediction machine on target for once
December 30, 2010
Itís official. Iím not so terrible at making predictions after all.These are last yearís predictions with an explanation of what really happened in 2010.Prediction No. 1: Winds of change will blow through local, state and national elections. Throughout the city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and the country, people are fed up with the current lack of leadership. Before the end of 2009, the recall election victory by newcomer Bill Mott over Tom Spellman may have paved the way for more change in the city come April. However, the most obvious losers will be the Democrats in Washington for overspending, not listening to their constituents and expanding the size of government. Watch for Tea Party revolts leading up to the elections. Republicans arenít safe either. The conservative movement is on the rise.
Iím not really the Grinch or Scrooge ... am I?
December 23, 2010
Iíve recently come to an important realization in life.For many years, I have believed I was the ultimate Grinch during the Christmas holiday season. A ďBah, HumbugĒ growl here and there and an uncomfortable response when people say Merry Christmas. For me, the holidays didnít seem any different than the other time of the year. But, this year I donít feel that way at all.
Area woman overcomes nightmares to become inspiration
December 16, 2010
Erin Merryn is one of those people you know has something important to say. The 25-year-old part-time Linn Township resident, who has spent many summers and weekends in the Lake Geneva area, wastes little time captivating her audience with her detailed description of childhood sexual abuse.She tells a story not many people would be willing to share. She was first abused at age 6 by the uncle of her best friend.
Serving in public office is about more than just an election
December 09, 2010
An open letter to those interested in public office:Election races for aldermen, village trustees and presidents, town supervisors and chairmen, among others all will be up for grabs around the area come April. Nomination papers are due in less than four weeks from both prospective candidates and incumbents. But serving in an elected office is more than just gathering some signatures and having your name on the ballot. Thereís no point in running at all if a candidate is not willing to work ó before the election and if elected, for years after.
Black Friday shopping all itís cracked up to be
December 02, 2010
There are plenty of cliches involved with Black Friday shopping ó long lines, early-morning stakeouts and people rushing into a store as soon as it opens. Well, theyíre all true. My fiancee Erin and I found out firsthand early Friday morning right here at Sears in Lake Geneva. But the events leading up to our shopping experience were just as, if not more, crazy than actually shopping.
Traver Hotel options should be in hands of owners
November 18, 2010
Itís impossible for those of us who work at the Regional News to ignore what is known as the former Traver Hotel at 323 Broad St. Every day we pass it, go around it and even look out the windows of the editorial office to see the fire escape and upper floors of the now dilapidated, old building.Thatís also why itís so difficult to consider the future possibilities of the property.
Political winds shift, but history has own compass
November 11, 2010
We expect more from our leaders than they can deliver.Last weekís election was a rebuke of President Barack Obama more than a victory for the Republicans. And the one before that was a rebuke of the Republicans. Weíre always trying on a new pair of pants to see if they fit better.As far as leaders go, Ronald Reagan is the darling of the right and someone I also admire for his leadership abilities at least.
Make the most of memories ó sometimes itís all we have
November 04, 2010
The last time I saw my grandma, there was snow on the ground and the temperatures were bitter cold. It was January and she was in a nursing home on the south side of Milwaukee. She had not attended the family holiday functions one month earlier and we were all told she probably wouldnít make it through the winter.On separate days, my brother and I went to see her. At the nursing home, I met my aunt, who had warned me that grandma was not doing well. Despite what she said, I wasnít prepared for what I was about to see. I knew she had been in poor health for the past couple years, but it seemed as though the downward spiral moved faster than anyone could have imagined.
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