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It's almost time for Venetian, Walworth County Fair

August 04, 2011
The heat is here. But, that also means ... I can't believe I'm going to say it ... summer is almost over. The months of May, June and July just flew by, didn't they? It's already August and local students will be heading back to school in just more than four weeks. Teachers will be back at school earlier than that and the rest of us who try to get away and enjoy the beautiful Wisconsin summer almost have run out of time. But, August also signifies some of the area's biggest and best events including Venetian Festival and the Walworth County Fair.
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Some of us have been waiting a lifetime for this

January 20, 2011
Although I enjoy almost all sports, I don't typically use this column to talk about those things. An editorial should be about important national topics such as our more than $14 trillion national debt, increasing health care costs and the use of politics by some to make excuses or try to explain why an insane man shot people at an Arizona grocery store. An editorial typically should be an opinion about a local issue such as the rescue and fire services disagreement between Geneva Township and the Lake Geneva Fire Department or whether the Walworth County District Attorney's Office should have filed charges against Lake Geneva city staff for mismanagement.

Recent Editorial
A policy change, a plan for the future, criticism debunked
July 28, 2011
Two city government stories caught my eye last week.First, there was an item about a change in policy regarding city employees storing personal items on city-owned property.As Alderman Tom Krause said such a practice is “way out of line.
It’s time to be honest about my problem
July 21, 2011
I have a deep, dark secret.For years, I have hid it well from many. I don’t talk about it except with those who have a similar problem.It’s true — I really enjoy watching wrestling. It’s not the kind of wrestling you see in the Olympics or at local high schools during the winter.
Some things I’ve been thinking about for awhile
July 14, 2011
Normally, we dedicate an entire column or editorial to one topic. Not this week. Unless I wanted to delve into the debt ceiling debate (which I am too frustrated to even discuss right now) none of the other things I have had on my mind, while important, can fill the entire editorial space. So, here are some things I’ve been thinking about lately in no particular order.
Everything you want to know about the newspaper, more
July 07, 2011
I know you want to learn all about fonts, right? Be honest. Are you sure, now?Don’t be silly, I’m not going to bore you with those “types” of details. But seriously, the Regional News is embarking on a redesign of the newspaper and website. We’ve been working on these improvements for several weeks now. An unveiling of the new-look Regional News is a few weeks away and the website is being improved weekly. Make sure to check it out at www.lakegenevanews.net.
Viva the differences — what July 4th really means
June 30, 2011
“Can you write a column about July 4th?” Editor Lisa Seiser said. “I don’t want to write the same thing I wrote last year ... and the year before.”Actually, she wasn’t giving herself enough credit. There were differences. Last year, for instance, the editorial ran horizontally. The year before it ran vertically. The headlines were different. And one had a picture with it; the other one didn’t.It’s true though that they were both similar in that she wrote about the Declaration of Independence and the remarkable freedoms it bestowed on us.
Kenosha, we have a problem — a serious problem
June 23, 2011
Unless you work in the office at the Regional News or the Kenosha News, you don’t know that there almost wasn’t a newspaper last Wednesday.The streak of the paper coming out on time — 139 years long — almost came to an end.Yes, really, no paper. Well, maybe it wouldn’t have been that disastrous. More likely only a day or two late, but that would have been bad enough.
Can someone please read my blog ...
June 16, 2011
I have a testimonial to share.“Just went through your blogs. They are great!”That’s a very nice commentary on the blogs I’ve been writing the last two months. Never mind that this thoughtful vote of confidence came from my daughter.
We need know the facts to solve America’s problems
June 09, 2011
All politicians embellish and exaggerate to make their ideas and opinions sound and look better than those who oppose them. Many politicians go a step further and flat out lie.But, the problem is facts should be facts and there should be no question about those. However, it seems as though in the political arena we now find ourselves, the blur has become greater between facts, ideas and commentary.And none of this does any good to solve the problems we must address in America.
Here is a special message for the graduates
June 02, 2011
“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”Winston Churchill
More is less when it comes to downtown concession stands
May 26, 2011
Additions to our lakefront.Signage.And now concession stands.
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