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Senior in emergency situation

January 27, 2011
Dear W.C., I have seen an elderly woman outside with her dog by her trailer. She looks very destitute and I am very worried about her. She seems very thin and frail. Her trailer is in very bad shape. It is always dark when I go by so I worry that her utilities are disconnected. I don't know what to do about this poor woman and I worry about her all the time. I have left a few bags of food for her and her dog on her stairs anonymously. I am unfortunately not in the position to offer much financial help myself as I just get by month to month and I have three children. I offered to help her with household cleaning and repairs once but she turned me away. I think she is embarrassed and does not trust my good intentions. I know you are very good with people in this position.

The Time is Now to Help

A deserving family in need

January 20, 2011
Dear W.C., I know a family that is having a very hard time. I know they are late on their rent. They have two young children. The father lost his job last summer. The mother was hit by a hit-and-run driver and was left handicapped. They do not receive enough assistance from disability and unemployment. Due to all the medical bills and threats from the bill collectors they have been left broke. I have known this family for many years and know they are good people. They have always lived frugally and have a devout belief in God. They do not have gas for their car. I have offered to drive them on several occasions but they have declined. I think they are too embarrassed to accept any help. They have even declined my requests to visit due to their embarrassment of not being able to afford heat. I do not know how they are feeding everyone and keeping a roof over their heads. Please help this deserving family.

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The Time is Now to Help
Struggling after taking in grandchildren
January 13, 2011
Dear W.C.,I donít know who else to turn to. I am caring for my grandchildren. My daughter began to drink. She was not caring for her children properly so I stepped in to care for them. At one time she was an excellent mom. When her husband left her for another woman she changed. She was deeply hurt by his deception. Since he left he has never visited the children. He has never paid any child support. Unfortunately my daughter fell in with a group of friends that liked to drink every weekend. I would care for my grandchildren every weekend just to make sure they were properly cared for. Now she has run off with a man and not come back. I filed for custody of the kids. I love these kids with all my heart and do not want them to end up in foster care. I will give them the loving care they need. The children should not have to suffer due to their parentís irresponsibility. I am having a hard time financially paying my rent, utilities, food, and other expenses like child care when I go to work. Can you please help us?
The Time is Now to Help
Disabled woman receives needed help
January 06, 2011
Dear W.C.,I am writing to ask for help for the disabled person I care for. I recently took over the full-time care of a woman who is very disabled. I took over the job for a friend of mine when they said they could no longer care for her. This disabled woman does not receive enough disability or assistance to make ends meet. She does not have the equipment, such as a hoist, or even a proper wheelchair, to make caring for her even safe. My friend who left the job was not caring for her properly due to injuring her back while lifting her into her old wheelchair. I canít believe there is not more assistance available for her. It would be much more costly for the state to place her in a home, and this woman does not want to be in a home. I took over the job only because I am out of work right now and I need to put food on the table.
The Time is Now
Tragedy strikes young family
December 30, 2010
Dear W.C.,My family is in desperate need of help. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has been having problems for nearly a year and we did not know why. Since we did not have health insurance we could not afford a visit to a doctor. One night several weeks ago he was so bad he passed out and I called an ambulance. After a week in the hospital and many tests they tell us he has a cancerous brain tumor. How does something like this happen to a man in his 30s with two young children? They said he waited so long to get treated it is too late. They want to do some radiation to shrink the tumor but it is too late for surgery.
The Time is Now to Help
A Christmas wish come true
December 23, 2010
As we begin our busy Christmas week I find myself again counting my blessings. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to assist over 1,000 fellow creations this past year. I am grateful for the many senior citizens we kept from homelessness, hunger, darkness, and loneliness, removing their desperate fear and pain of poverty. I am thankful for the assistance we were able to offer many handicapped people. For those who can no longer walk, have lost their eyesight, have suffered injuries they will never recover from, who are physically broken, yet still struggling in poverty, we have been there to help with compassion. I am grateful for your help in providing individuals struggling with terminal diseases, giving them peace of mind knowing they could have electricity, heat, food, and shelter during their final moments. Every one of these people touched my heart and I could not have helped them alone. Every time we offered our fellow Americanís assistance they so desperately needed it felt like Christmas to me. It was the gift of love, doing Godís will, celebrating together, making a difference, offering compassion, Caring and Sharing all year long.
The Time is Now to Help
Young mother reunites with parents
December 16, 2010
Dear W.C.,I moved to this area over a year ago to get away from a difficult situation. It is very hard for me to talk about what has happened to me over the last few years. Just three years ago I was a happy college student looking forward to what life had to offer. I loved school and was looking forward to a career as a teacher one day. I also liked to have fun with my friends. One night I went to a party off campus with several of my girlfriends. We had promised to stick together and watch out for each other. I felt uncomfortable as soon as I walked in the party. I should have left right then and there but my friends convinced me to stay. Soon my friends had found some guys to talk to and were sharing drinks with them. They brought me a drink too and I did not want to drink it. I told my friends I didnít want to drink it but they said it was OK they had watched them fill the glass. I wish I did not drink it. I donít remember much after that.
The Time is Now to Help
Neighbors in serious need of help
December 09, 2010
Dear W.C.,I am writing in behalf of my neighbors. The husband is 83 and the wife is 78. They have been raising their granddaughter. Several years ago the granddaughterís parents were killed in a car accident. They do their best to raise her. The 78-year-old worked hard until a year ago when she was let go from her job. It has been impossible for her to find another job when there are so many younger people looking for jobs as well. I know their electricity is turned off. I wish I could help them but I am struggling to keep my own electricity on. Could you please help them?
The Time is Now to Help
A week to count my blessings
December 02, 2010
Dear Readers,I thought I would share with you my past Thanksgiving week. It is a week known by most Americans as one that we count our blessings. Many spend their week preparing special food for their family and friends to enjoy. Others look forward to the shopping to begin the next morning. Most people are lucky to not know what I see in a typical holiday week. The hunger and poverty all around us, everywhere in America, hidden behind closed doors, needs every American to do their part. My week began with a funeral for a young boy. The pain and emotion the family has to endure is beyond words. I pray for this family and the many other families going through the loss of a child, grandchild, brother, or sister.
The Time is Now to Help
Counting our blessings
November 25, 2010
Dear W.C.My family is on the verge of eviction. My husband lost his job and we are unable to pay our rent. I donít know where else to turn for help. Everywhere we go for help has a long line of people going through the same thing we are. I had a baby six weeks ago and had a difficult pregnancy. I had to quit my job and stay on bed rest for the last few months of my pregnancy. I live in fear of being homeless with my newborn baby girl.
Time is Now To Help
On the edge of eviction
November 18, 2010
Dear W.C.,I am writing to ask for assistance for myself and my mentally handicapped daughter. We are on the verge of eviction and we will have nowhere to go. I called the homeless shelter but they are full. I cannot afford a security deposit for another apartment. We fell behind due to some repairs done on my car and a trip to the emergency room for my daughter. My daughter is in her 20s but only functions at the level of a 6-year old. She will not understand our being homeless. I care for her myself and am unable to work. We live on disability and that does not go very far. Could you please help us before we are living in my car?
The Time is Now to Help
S.M. matching grant = $20,000
November 11, 2010
Thank you to everyone that contributed to our S. M. Fall 2010 $10,000 Matching Grant. We were able to provide $20,000 in much needed assistance to the many struggling poverty stricken in our area. Thanks to your generosity, caring and sharing for your fellow creation, we were able to save many from homelessness and hunger. This year especially has been a rough road for many that used to just get by pay check to pay check. Now we have high unemployment, loss of benefits, and lack of assistance when it is most needed. Thank you again for Caring & Sharing. Together we make our communities a better place to live.
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