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Too close to homeless

January 05, 2012
We are very happy to announce a new matching grant opportunity for the New Year. Fox Charities has graciously offered a $25,000 Matching Grant to begin immediately. Thank you to Fox Charities for supporting our mission of providing assistance to the many poverty stricken children, senior citizens, elderly, and working poor in our midst. For every dollar you donate, it will be matched, doubling your impact of helping our fellow creations. What a wonderful way for The Time Is Now To Help to begin 2012. Dear W.C.,

The Time is Now to Help

A deserving family in need

January 20, 2011
Dear W.C., I know a family that is having a very hard time. I know they are late on their rent. They have two young children. The father lost his job last summer. The mother was hit by a hit-and-run driver and was left handicapped. They do not receive enough assistance from disability and unemployment. Due to all the medical bills and threats from the bill collectors they have been left broke. I have known this family for many years and know they are good people. They have always lived frugally and have a devout belief in God. They do not have gas for their car. I have offered to drive them on several occasions but they have declined. I think they are too embarrassed to accept any help. They have even declined my requests to visit due to their embarrassment of not being able to afford heat. I do not know how they are feeding everyone and keeping a roof over their heads. Please help this deserving family.

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The Time is Now to Help
Helping 500 in need
December 29, 2011
What an exciting year this has been for The Time Is Now To Help. We have networked good fellow American’s that want to make a difference. We have crossed paths with amazing people, shared in many wonderful events, and been graced with overwhelming appreciation and love. We thank God daily for bringing us these blessings. We also are saddened by the many faces of poverty we have seen this year. Many of their faces stay with me long after I have left their homes. The children with cancer, the senior citizens living without, the forgotten handicapped ... more than 500 different fellow Americans we have given assistance to this year, changing their lives for the better. The best thing to come out of the CNN Heroes experience was the attention we brought to a problem that exists behind closed doors. Where ever you go in our wondrous nation and around the world you will find people living without the most basic needs.
The Time is Now to Help
Stolen identity, hope renewed
December 22, 2011
Dear W.C.,I am a property manager. I am very concerned about one of our senior citizen residents. She is behind in her rent and I have not seen her for several weeks. I noticed her car was missing for several days and did not see any lights on. I stopped by to check on her. I was very worried about what she told me. She said her identity had been stolen and all her money was gone. She told me her car was missing. When I asked if she had any family or friends to help, she said she didn’t. Could you please check on this woman as she has always been a good woman and good neighbor. A Concerned Property Manager
The Time is Now to Help
An honor, priviledge
December 15, 2011
I hope you were able to watch the CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute special on CNN this past Sunday. While Sal/The Time Is Now to Help did not win the top 2011 CNN Heroes award of $250,000, we are still grateful for the $50,000 and the honor of being chosen as a top 10 CNN Hero for 2011. It is such a huge honor for our charity to be recognized as a CNN Hero for 2011. Never would I have ever dreamed that The Time Is Now To Help would be seen on CNN all over the world. I am so grateful to all my supporters, voters, donors, volunteers, friends, and family that helped to make this possible. We have achieved this honor together. We have shown the world that human suffering has no borders or boundaries. We have also shown the world when harmony exists among people, together we can bring love to our fellow creations and solve problems quickly.Congratulations to the 2011 CNN Hero Robin Lim. She is a wonderful woman and will save many lives with the funds awarded by CNN. I am honored to be considered a top ten CNN Hero and to be among the other worthy causes and individuals that were also chosen as CNN Heroes for 2011. Every one of them works hard to alleviate suffering for our fellow creations. I feel privileged and humbled to be part of such a wonderful group of caring and sharing people.
The Time is Now to Help
Hoping to be top CNN Hero
December 08, 2011
We are in the final week before the “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” show airs live on CNN at 7 p.m. Dec. 11. It has been a whirlwind of activity for The Time Is Now to Help. I thank everyone who took the time to vote for me/The Time Is Now To Help over the last few months. We thank CNN that our charity has been recognized internationally for the good works all of “us” do in our communities. If we are not chosen as the top honoree, we will be grateful for the $50,000 that CNN will award The Time Is Now To Help next week. Also the honor of our charity bringing to light the plight of so many in our country right now. Every penny of these funds will help the many, many fellow creations turning to us in desperation. I was thinking back on all the stories I brought to you since CNN began their filming. There were many people that were provided assistance that CNN did not put in the film.
The Time is Now to Help
Money helps community
December 01, 2011
The Fall Summertime Foundation $10,000 Matching Grant = $20,000 Poverty AssistanceThank you to everyone that contributed to The Fall Summertime Foundation $10,000 Matching Grant. This matching grant enabled us to provide $20,000 in assistance to many struggling poverty stricken fellow Americans. As families all over the United States sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal, many went hungry. As the weather becomes colder, many senior citizens, handicapped, and children face possible eviction and/or are living without utilities. So many people are unable to have their cars repaired and face loss of their job. Your donations, combined with The Summertime Foundation’s generous matching funds, prevented many from facing great hardship. Thank you for your continued support of our mission The Time Is Now to Help and thank you for Caring & Sharing. Together we have eased the pains of poverty for our fellow creations. God Bless you for helping. THIS IS HOW WE HELPED:
The Time is Now to Help
Our solution is love
November 24, 2011
The good news of what we are accomplishing together, helping our fellow creations, is moving people all over the world. It is wonderful to share with both CNN and CBS what The Time Is Now to Help accomplishes on an everyday basis. Everything could have stopped after one visit from CNN, after three visits their interest keeps growing. Last week CBS’ Steve Hartman spent a long day with us filming for his segment on the CBS Evening News called On the Road. Now Fox News has asked me to come to their studio to do a live Thanksgiving Day presentation. It is absolutely wonderful that our caring and sharing for our fellow creations is turning heads all over the world. In the midst of recession, political fighting, we are showing the world how we have come together in harmony, doing God’s will to love one another. When CNN was in town taping their program to air on the CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute on Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. CST on CNN, I did a follow up visit to a family that is struggling with the head of the household who is now a quadriplegic. He was once a healthy man, but a disease set in and is progressively paralyzing his entire body, even into his vocal cords. I do have handicapped people that I occasionally check on because they are in situations where they are just making ends meet. If a requirement comes up for one of those necessities of life, it throws their budget off and they fall behind. When I drove up to their house I noticed their handicapped van had severely deteriorated. The rust had progressed to the point my whole arm could go through the side of the van. When I opened the door I noticed rust had permeated along with the moisture inside of the van. The roof was rusting in. The entire van was in very poor shape.
The Time is Now to Help
Help continues for holidays
November 17, 2011
Dear Readers,We are happy to announce we have successfully matched The Fall Summertime Foundation $10,000 Matching Grant. In the near future we will share with you how every penny of the $20,000 was spent. We continue to be overwhelmed with requests for assistance and are very grateful for you continued support. Thank you for your generosity and caring and sharing for your fellow creation.We are currently in the midst of a lot of media attention. This week we will be filming an episode of On the Road with Steve Hartman, to air this Friday, Nov. 18, on the CBS Evening News. We will be sharing with Steve Hartman several visits with our local struggling poverty stricken fellow Americans. We hope this brings more awareness to our mission and to the plight of our country. Our hope and prayer is for other people to be inspired to do what they can in their own communities to help the less fortunate.
The Time is Now to Help
Driehaus matching grant means $60,000
November 10, 2011
A huge thank you to The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust and all who donated to the $30,000 Matching Grant. Due to your generosity we have been able to provide $60,000 in assistance. Every dollar given has been used to alleviate the pain and suffering of poverty stricken fellow Americans living in financial despair.We have provided below a detailed description of where every penny of the $60,000 was spent. 100 percent of every penny donated to The Time Is Now to Help, was used to help our poverty stricken. Thank you for Caring and Sharing. Together we make our communities a better place to live.THIS IS HOW WE HELPED:
The Time is Now to Help
CNN visit continued
November 03, 2011
There were two important questions that CNN asked me. How does The Time Is Now to Help have no overhead? How do you accomplish helping so many people? I personally cover all expenses for The Time Is Now to Help, I always have. Every penny donated by a supporter is utilized to help the poverty-stricken. The Time Is Now to Help has no salaries, no reimbursements, and no office expenses. Presently my company, Lake Geneva Area Realty, provides all necessities, office space, computers, printing, volunteers, etc. All at no cost to The Time Is Now to Help. I have an outside audit completed annually that shows all income and expenses. The reason I began The Time Is Now to Help is because I was appalled by all the charities I used to give to that had extensive overhead with only 10 percent, 20 percent, or 30 percent really going towards their cause. I made a promise to God to help others that were having hard times. I personally cannot help all those that we have found in desperate need by myself. That is why I need your help, your support. The only way I can truly earn that support is by making sure every penny you donate, 100 percent, provides shelter, utility assistance, food, clothing, toiletries, household necessities, daily necessities of life, to those that are living in desperate need, living with the fear and pains of poverty. How do we help so many people? I showed CNN many examples. I received a request for help from a very good person I have known for a few years. Since I knew this person I knew the request would be desperate. The request was regarding an elderly widow living in a condemned place. I quickly set up a meeting. I took CNN with me to show how we help. When we arrived I saw the elderly widow, who appeared to be much older than we later found out. I could see the widow was very bewildered not only by her situation but also because she was being told there would be help. I found out that a government entity that should have offered assistance had known about her situation for over a year, and nothing had changed. The widow doubted she would receive any help and I did not blame her. A big part of my being is getting people to open up and understand we are there to help, and we do.
The Time is Now to Help
Telling stories of hope
October 27, 2011
CNN returned to film The Time Is Now To Help at work assisting our fellow Americans. They spent three full days with me this past week documenting our mission for the upcoming Tribute show to air live on CNN Dec. 11, 2011. This time I took CNN to the Lake Geneva Regional News, where The Time Is Now to Help column was first published. We met with the editor Lisa Seiser, the general manager John Halverson, and all the wonderful staff. CNN also interviewed John and Lisa. The Lake Geneva Regional News was the beginning network of reaching out to those living in the pains of poverty and finding solutions to remove the tears of sorrow, loneliness, hopelessness, and fear. We have turned thousands of people’s lives from sadness to happy tears, letting them know we care. We have provided compassion, relief, given hope, and supplied the daily necessities of life.
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