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Bloomfield Genoa City

Truck facility should be finished soon

May 17, 201611:22 AM
GENOA CITY — At the right time of day, in the right type of weather, there is plenty of activity on the large parking lot which surrounds a roughly 60,000-square-foot building at 1001 Williams ...more»
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Committee leaves a trail of beauty in its path

May 03, 201602:45 PM
It started with a donation of 6,000 tulip bulbs. What to do with all those flowers? The Committee for the Beautification of Lake Geneva was born from the need to meet those tulip logistics, said Grace ...more»
County Report

Walworth County honors historian Reinke

May 17, 201612:27 PM
ELKHORN — Doris Reinke, a long-time member of the Walworth County Historical Society, and herself a part of Walworth County history, was honored by the Walworth County Board on May 10 in a special ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Restaurants seeks ability to transport alcohol across street

May 10, 201602:03 PM
FONTANA — The goal is to ease customer concerns. Rallee Chupich, service manager at Gordy’s Boathouse restaurant, asked the village board to allow them to carry open alcoholic drinks across ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

‘Lion King’ big musical for Woods School

May 10, 201601:10 PM
GENEVA — If the testimony of two leads in Woods School’s “The Lion King Jr.” is any indication, it’s going to be a show people remember. “So far, this is one of ...more»
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Bloomfield approves petting zoo request

May 17, 201611:23 AM
BLOOMFIELD — Plans to create a petting zoo and other amenities at a local farm appear to be ...more»
May 04, 201608:44 AM

Village president limits his voting abilities

May 03, 201611:44 AM
BLOOMFIELD — The village president scaled back his committee powers April 25 at a special meeting. ...more»

Star Center starts book exchange in Pell Lake

April 19, 201602:41 PM
BLOOMFIELD — The person behind the new book exchange program in Pell Lake is a self-professed ...more»

Results in trustee race don’t change after recount

April 19, 201602:27 PM
BLOOMFIELD — It seems the village trustee candidate who requested the April 13 recount has ...more»
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Google gives Brookwood kids virtual world tours

April 19, 201602:20 PM
GENOA CITY — In less than 30 minutes, Brookwood third-graders in Caitlyn Kiefer’s class ...more»
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Another close election for village trustee

April 12, 201604:56 PM
BLOOMFIELD — A recount was expected Wednesday of the votes cast in the village trustee race. ...more»
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Boxer returns to Genoa City village board

April 12, 201602:53 PM
GENOA CITY — An incumbent trustee received 14 write-in votes April 5, and it was enough to ...more»

Recount expected in Bloomfield

April 08, 201607:44 PM
BLOOMFIELD — After drawing a high card, Gary Grolle was re-elected to the village board. In ...more»
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No traffic lights planned for Highway 12-South Road

April 05, 201602:17 PM
GENOA CITY — The state wants to improve the intersection at U.S. Highway 12 and County Highway ...more»
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