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Bloomfield Genoa City

Star Center is full of published authors

May 12, 201502:20 PM
BLOOMFIELD — It would appear that Ashton Grubb has laid the foundation for a promising writing career....more»
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Lake Geneva News

Empanadas to pottery, farmers market has it

May 19, 201503:08 PM
For those with a taste for things with that homemade touch, the Lake Geneva Farmers Market is open at Horticultural Hall from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Thursday....more»
County Report

Sheriff recognizes citizens, employees

May 19, 201503:09 PM
ELKHORN — Each year, the Walworth County Sheriff recognizes members of his team and regular citizens who contribute to law enforcement in the county. ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Big Foot construction

May 26, 201504:45 PM
WALWORTH — The Big Foot School Board approved a $4.9 million remodeling project last week. ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Town approves splitting clerk/treasurer job

May 19, 201503:44 PM
LINN — The town has had a clerk-treasurer since 1983. ...more»
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Babiak shares advice on raising 10 kids

May 26, 201504:41 PM
“A mom’s job is hard, no matter how many kids you have.” ...more»
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Brookwood students make video games

May 26, 201503:01 PM
GENOA CITY — Video games are a lot of work. Designing them, that is. ...more»

Project to address McKay Park flooding

May 19, 201503:24 PM
BLOOMFIELD — By this fall, flooding and the mountainous mounds of dirt and other materials ...more»

Alcohol may have been factor in crash

May 15, 201502:00 PM
ELKHORN — Alcohol may have been a factor in a car crash that occurred on May 9 in the town of ...more»
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Student: ‘I like caring for other people’

May 12, 201503:31 PM
GENOA CITY — Victor Suarez wants sick and lonely children to know there are people out there ...more»

Board shakes things up a little on committees

May 05, 201501:26 PM
GENOA CITY — The committee chairs remained the same after the April 21 reorganization meeting, ...more»
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Village eliminates committee

May 05, 201501:24 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Say goodbye to the Communications and Community Affairs Committee. At a special ...more»
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Genoa City tax incentive repeal effort fails

April 28, 201504:17 PM
GENOA CITY — It appears the business tax incentive program will remain on the books as-is. ...more»

Police: Illegal quorum complaint unfounded

April 21, 201501:41 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Last week, the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department determined that village ...more»
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Bernstein unsure why complaint was made

April 21, 201501:53 PM
BLOOMFIELD — A former trustee alleged to have engaged in an illegal quorum when she was on ...more»
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