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Bloomfield Genoa City

Contest honors active community member

May 24, 201603:53 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Some remember Bill Gaede as a caring, helpful mechanic, who would do anything for anybody. ...more»
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Lake Geneva News

Committee leaves a trail of beauty in its path

May 03, 201602:45 PM
It started with a donation of 6,000 tulip bulbs. What to do with all those flowers? The Committee for the Beautification of Lake Geneva was born from the need to meet those tulip logistics, said Grace ...more»
County Report

Walworth County honors historian Reinke

May 17, 201612:27 PM
ELKHORN — Doris Reinke, a long-time member of the Walworth County Historical Society, and herself a part of Walworth County history, was honored by the Walworth County Board on May 10 in a special ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Fontana bridge open to traffic

May 25, 201608:26 AM
FONTANA — No more detours. The bridge is finally open. After nearly seven months, the South Lake Shore Bridge was reopened Friday, May 20. ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

‘Lion King’ big musical for Woods School

May 10, 201601:10 PM
GENEVA — If the testimony of two leads in Woods School’s “The Lion King Jr.” is any indication, it’s going to be a show people remember. “So far, this is one of ...more»
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Board seeks replacement for treasurer Schoolfield

September 27, 201603:32 PM
GENOA CITY — The Brookwood School Board is seeking a new member. On Sept. 19, the board approved ...more»

Brookwood Middle School wins fitness awards

September 27, 201602:26 PM
GENOA CITY — For Brookwood Middle School, healthier living has paid off. Recently, the school ...more»
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What if the village of Bloomfield had a library?

September 27, 201602:14 PM
BLOOMFIELD — The Town/Village Hall book exchange is growing so much it’s got some thinking ...more»

Bloomfield may propose tax increase referendum

September 20, 201612:37 PM
BLOOMFIELD — The discussion about asking village voters to approve a tax increase is getting ...more»

Salt shed may go up this winter in Bloomfield

September 13, 201611:24 AM
BLOOMFIELD — It appears the salt shed project may move forward. The board is advertising for ...more»
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Volunteers install playground at Brookwood Middle School

September 06, 201612:29 PM
GENOA CITY — Kellie Bohn said volunteers weren’t even finished pouring all the wood chips ...more»

Village preparing time capsule

September 06, 201610:51 AM
GENOA CITY — The community is creating a time capsule in the hopes that it will show future ...more»

Safari Lake Geneva opens to the public

August 30, 201602:35 PM
VILLAGE OF BLOOMFIELD — Jay Christie stepped out of a wagon that was touring Safari Lake Geneva ...more»
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Surplus gardens turn to cash crop for locals

August 30, 201602:32 PM
Surplus for some gardeners might entail dumping bags of cucumbers or cherry tomatoes onto unsuspecting ...more»

Kids Day Out this Saturday in Bloomfield

August 23, 201611:13 AM
BLOOMFIELD — The police department’s 18th annual Kids Day Out is Saturday, and for one ...more»
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