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Bloomfield Genoa City

Village president defends McKay plan

July 08, 201411:36 AM
BLOOMFIELD — Some say they would rather see the money spent elsewhere, but Village President Ken Monroe said it’s a “vocal minority” who are against the board’s McKay ...more»
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Lake Geneva News

Elected officials react to theft charges

July 01, 201405:44 PM
Discovery of a secret slush fund and the trade of city road salt and sand for materials and services from two area landscaping companies still evokes hurt and anger with Lake Geneva City Council members. ...more»
County Report

Deputy DA leaves for large law firm

July 01, 201405:29 PM
After more than 11 years as a prosecutor, former Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube left the county’s district attorney’s office to join a large law firm in Janesville. ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Fontana bridge reopens

July 08, 201403:27 PM
FONTANA — The Fontana bridge is reopened, but it’s just a temporary fix....more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Linn 4-H'ers have volunteered for decades

June 24, 201410:12 AM
LINN — “The kids, it’s phenomenal, the projects they come up with.” So said Sandi Pillman, general leader of the Linn 4-H Club, which turns 100 this year. ...more»
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Village, state stop work on Honey Bear property

July 08, 201403:42 PM
BLOOMFIELD — The person who had numerous trees cut — without permits — at the former ...more»

A book from the vampire's perspective

July 08, 201412:44 PM
BLOOMFIELD — J.D. Brown grew weary of vampires being one-dimensional monsters only secondary ...more»

Regional News files civil case against Genoa City

July 08, 201411:40 AM
ELKHORN — In mid-May the Regional News requested a copy of video surveillance from a Genoa ...more»

Seeking new blood for Fourth of July parade

July 01, 201402:06 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Friday’s annual Fourth of July parade is expected to begin the same way ...more»

The Lost Sock: Trustee's business venture

June 10, 201405:03 PM
GENOA CITY — Roger Cagann said he’s surprised by what some people have told him since ...more»

Meet the new lake association chairman

June 10, 201405:09 PM
BLOOMFIELD — “I know what I need to do,” said Tory Schutte, looking at all the ...more»

Concerns emerge over park project

June 03, 201404:13 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Don’t get her wrong, village Trustee Sue Bernstein believes all the community ...more»

Village seeks McKay Park Grant

June 03, 201404:12 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Last year, the village’s McKay Park improvement plan didn’t get the ...more»

Why officials want to add on to town/village hall

May 20, 201402:11 PM
BLOOMFIELD — “Let’s just say I’m working out of boxes,” said Cindy ...more»

Genoa City seeks new spot for village hall/police department

May 13, 201402:13 PM
GENOA CITY — Turns out there isn’t a site yet for the village hall/police department ...more»
Regional News
Regional News