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To the Editor:

Rebuttal to “Village board needs civics lesson” written July 25, 2013, by John Halverson, editor and general manager of the Regional News.

First I think that it would be helpful to your readers to see the petition that you are referencing. It is as follows: “Proposed ordinance” “Prior to the expenditure of any funds for the design planning or construction of any municipal financed capital project (in whole or in part) requiring a village capital expenditure of $500,000 or more, the village board shall submit to the electors of the village of Genoa City a binding referendum to approve or disapprove said project. Failure of the binding referendum shall preclude the village from proceeding with the project. The wording of any referendum shall provide the specific purpose, location and cost of the project. The ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.” The first sentence says no funds can be spent for planning, design or construction before being approved by referendum. Yet the referendum must include “specific purpose, location and cost of the project.” As a first step, all projects of this scope have specific requirements defined by the village engineer or other expert hired by the village. This would include the specific purpose and location. The village has to pay the engineer or other expert to plan or design any project. The cost of the project is determined by bid from the contractors interested in doing the specified project. Therefore, no referenda could be submitted to the electorate. If this proposed ordinance were in effect, there could be no projects over $400,000 for whatever reason. I chose $400,000 instead of the $500,000 because we would need a margin of error so if we guessed that a project was less than $500,000 and it was not, we would be in violation of this proposed ordinance. Since 2000, we have had 12 projects (street, water, and sewer) that could not have been done because they exceeded the $400,000 limit and there are four other projects already scheduled, and at least eight others, that are probably coming in the next 10 years. Some are mandated by the state or the DNR. If we don’t do a mandated project, then we will be fined until the project is completed; this fine would be ongoing because we couldn’t do the project due to the referendum restriction. It would have been irresponsible for the village board to not take action to prevent such a restrictive ordinance from going into effect. It did prompt us to enact an ordinance which provides input on large projects without preventing us from acting in the best interest of the village. The editorial says “At the root of the petition is concern that the village may spend money on a new village hall.” There is nothing in the petition for the proposed ordinance that refers to a village hall. The editorial says that board members should go door to door explaining the facts. What we have done to disseminate the facts more efficiently is: 1. Held open meetings of the village hall committee, which is comprised of board members, village employees and village citizens. 2. Had discussions and reports at village board meetings 3. Had numerous articles in the Lake Geneva Regional News, the village’s official newspaper. 4. Established a village hall web site, sites.google.com/site/gcvillagehall/. The facts with respect to recommendations for the village hall are still being investigated. Options will be presented to the community in the near future by the professional hired to do the evaluation and the village hall committee.

Bill Antti
July 30, 2013

Seller beware

To the Editor:

This letter is to the people who are in a hurry to take silver coins to people who pay them for the silver content.

This is especially common with Morgan or Peace silver dollars.

Before you do this, talk to somebody who knows coins or buy a 2013 coin Red Book, they cost about $15.

A friend of mine told me he had about 30 silver dollars that he was going to sell for the silver content. I told him to bring them so we could look them over.

Twenty-seven of the dollars were really bad and could be sold for the silver. Two of the coins red-booked for $450 to $500 each; one for about $75 to $100.

These people who buy your coins for silver check these out later and will find out the true value.

Watch your coin dates, buy a Red Book and you might have a true treasure.

Bob Yopp, Lake Geneva
March 07, 2013

Update on theater

To the Editor:

The Friends of the Geneva Theater are excited to announce new additions to our board of directors. Jeanne Racine, will be our new fundraising chairman and Sarah Adams, branch manager for Talmer Bank in Lake Geneva, will also be working with fundraising in the capacity of major donors, endowments and grants. Chris Brookes is now in charge of membership. This brings our board of directors to 11 members:

Ken Etten, President

Ann Pienkos, Vice President

Sheree Carlson, Treasurer

JaNelle Powers, Secretary

Sarah Adams, Chairman of Major Donors, Endowments and Grants Committee

Chris Brookes, Chairman of Membership Committee

Dee Bark Fiske, Chairman of Building Committee

Lily Miceli, Chairman of Marketing Committee

Mary Quinn, Chairman of By-Laws Committee

Patrick Quinn, Chairman of Political Committee

Jeanne Racine, Chairman of Fundraising Committee

The events committee has been putting together the final plans for our April 11 event. Off the record will be an exciting evening with a talk by well-known Chicago columnist and WBEZ radio personality Rick Kogan. There will be a Q&A session and a meet and greet book signing afterwards. Event will be held at 7 p.m. in the Badger High School Auditorium in Lake Geneva with music provided by Williams Bay's Rock Central Tickets are $20 Adults and $10 Students and will be going on sale March 1 at www.brownpapertickets.com or by going to our website www.friendsofgenevatheater.org .

We have also decided on a date for our third annual fall gala. This year's event will be on Saturday, Nov. 2 to be held at the Geneva Lakes Area Museum. Our theme this year is World War II.

Please come and join us for our monthly general meetings the first Tuesday of each month at the Geneva Lakes Area Museum or better yet really get involved by joining one of our committees. Contact one of our committee chairmen for meeting dates and times.

Lily Miceli, Friends of the Geneva Theater
March 07, 2013

Train program fills local museum

To the Editor:

Your Geneva Lake Museum set an all-time one-day attendance record ... during the first, and hopefully not the last, train show.

A record 950 people attended on an exciting mid-winter's day.

We hope to welcome as many members and guests at out next major event, our 30th museum anniversary celebration, "History Loves Company," including the preview of two new major exhibits at a special reception by invitation on Friday, May 17, and opening free to the entire community all day on Saturday, May 18.

More details soon, on this event which will celebrate both "the elegant and the elemental history of our lake area."

The wonderful and generous front page pre-event train show coverage in the Regional News was an important part of the reason for the record turn-out. Thanks!

Charles Ebeling, Lake Geneva
March 07, 2013

Y director thankful for auction support

To the Editor:

The Geneva Lakes Family YMCA and Geneva Lake Women's Association would like to express their sincere gratitude and thanks to all of our donors, sponsors, attendees, and bidders.

Your support of this event will enable us to continue making area youth and families' dreams come true.

Mike Kramp

CEO/Executive Director

Geneva Lakes Family YMCA

Mike Kramp, Geneva Lake Family YMCA
March 07, 2013

To the Editor: As village president, ...

To the Editor:

As village president, I ask each of the members of our village board to join with me in a sincere tribute to the members of our Williams Bay Fire Department and Rescue Squad. They are the men and women who put their lives on the line to save ours.

Volunteer firefighters, most of them unpaid professionals, make themselves ready at any time of the night or day to respond to any fire or emergency situation and do so with every ounce of pride and devotion to duty as their full-time paid counterparts.

This pride and devotion to duty was never more evident than it was on the night of Feb. 7, 2013, when they responded to a report of a house fire at 83 Lackey Drive, here in our village. We sadly know this event took the life of one of our beloved female residents, but the life of her spouse, by the grace of God and the efforts of our own brave volunteer firefighters and rescue squad members, was saved.

An individual may enter the department for no reason at all, just looking for something to do. But in so doing, he or she then joins a group of others and after getting their first taste of fire, come to realize that this is in their heart and they will do it until they are physically unable to. We have such individuals as this who have in the past and currently serve and protect the residents of our village as members of the WBFD and Rescue Squad. I could not be any prouder of them for the efforts they put forth on the evening of Feb. 7, 2013, and into the early morning hours of the following day.

The fire scene they responded to and its aftermath have left their marks on history in our village and for each of us to painfully remember, but more directly on our firefighters, who were on the scene and did everything humanly possible to save lives and property on that fateful night.

To them I say you displayed every manner of bravery in doing all you possibly could, and while wearing the "Boots of God" you entered the burning structure without regard for your own lives and stamped out a blazing inferno, while saving a life and possibly many more, by your efforts.

May God continue to watch over each of you and your families and comfort you in dealing with this event. And in the continuation of your devoted service to our village, we here and all of Williams Bay salute you and will remain ever thankful for your efforts to protect life and property, present, past and future.

John Marra

Williams Bay

John Marra,
March 07, 2013

arrowre: Big Foot sees more cuts

I was saddened to see that three of the most academically fulfulling clubs at BFHS are being cut. I was an FCCLA member and it was the best two years I had at Big Foot High School. I am currently a student at UW-Oshksoh and I would not be where I am today with out FCCLA. It provided me with the confidnece to be a leader in the class room. I was also on the deans list the spring semester of 2006 at UW-Rock County. I would not have reached my acedemic goals with out FCCLA. None of the clubs should have to be cut, but there is no reason to cut clubs that help the students academic future. I am sorry that BFHS has let down their students and faculty with these cuts. These clubs also provide an outlet to an other wise stressful enviroment. I am sad that students will not have the same experiences I had with FCCLA. These clubs might not be the most popular but they are the most rewarding for the students involved. I am sorry that the all mighty dollor is more important to BFHS than providing students with a fulfilling expereice.

Amanda Voss
April 19, 2007

arrowre: Tuesday's numbers are in


No reason to wait for the paper...or for the local paper to come to their senses regarding election results. Go to the county site and see for your self!

It is that type of illogical thinking that drives readers away from both your print edition and your online edition. How do you explain this thinking to your online advertisers? I for one would question any media buy with you after reading that reply.

Bill Bay
April 08, 2007

arrowre: Tuesday's numbers are in

Re: Why we didn't post election results online.

The newspaper industry, especially weekly papers, remains completely reliant and based on paid circulation numbers, which are from subscriptions and newsstand sales. Our Web site content is free and negatively affects our circulation numbers, also the numbers we give to our advertisers, which is why we only post a small number of stories on the site.

We can't have people just on the Web site and no longer purchasing the newspaper. Election results are items of interest and hopefully people will go out and drop the $1 on a paper to find out all the results.

Most daily newspapers do post the election results, but our content is valuable and I chose not to post the results in hopes that people would go out and buy the newspaper this week.

Soon, we will offer a paid internet subscription which will allow anyone to get the entire newspaper online.

LGRN Editor Lisa Seiser
April 07, 2007

arrowre: Tuesday's numbers are in

Why did you not post election results on the web site? All other newspapers do!

Steve Sills
April 07, 2007

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