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Lake Geneva Chiropractic

$50,000 scoreboard to make money for district

February 24, 201501:16 PM
What started as a question has turned out to be a feel-good story. ...more»
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County Report

County develops plan for park

February 03, 201501:12 PM
ELKHORN — The farmland on the White River Park could gradually transition back to its natural prairie state. ...more»
Lake Geneva News

Stinebrinks’ grocery still strong at 40

February 24, 201505:19 PM
The corner grocery store, with its narrow list of items and narrower aisles is long gone. But anyone who says mom-and-pop grocery stores are gone is simply wrong....more»
Geneva Lake West

Big Foot Recreation challenges sled racers

February 24, 201504:05 PM
SHARON — Though Saturday’s temperatures hit a high of 28, nearly 30 degrees above last week’s frigid weather, only three kids came to Ray-Mar Park in Sharon for the recyclable sled ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Firefighters build ramp for former chief

February 03, 201512:32 PM
LINN — His walker within reach, Jim Bartos sat at his dining room table, gratitude dewing in his eyes as he looked up at the town fire and EMS department members who filled his room. ...more»
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$50,000 scoreboard to make money for district

February 24, 201501:16 PM
What started as a question has turned out to be a feel-good story. ...more»

Council shouldn’t put head in sand on license issue

February 17, 201511:36 AM
Last week the Lake Geneva City council indefinitely tabled a proposal to develop a demerit system for ...more»
Community Living

Matching grant would bring $55,000 to charity

February 24, 2015 | 12:53 PM
We are happy to announce we have met the Richard H. Driehaus $30,000 matching grant. We are busy using these funds to provide much needed poverty assistance to many of our fellow creations, thanks to ...more»

Community columnists

Chicago little league team a cautionary tale

February 24, 2015 | 04:45 PM
On Feb. 11, the Little Leaguers from Chicago’s south side were dethroned. They had their National Championship set aside and given to the team they had beaten from Las Vegas. And rightfully so. ...more»
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BFWB soccer conquers Rock Valley Conference

October 07, 201405:04 PM
WALWORTH — As the final whistle sounded in Big Foot/Williams Bay’s 3-0 win over the Whitewater Whippets on Monday night, Oct. 6, a sparse, yet spirited, band of Big Foot students stormed ...more»
Bloomfield, Genoa City, Pell Lake

No money spent, no hard discussion yet

February 17, 201511:37 AM
BLOOMFIELD — Even if remodeling the town/village hall progresses beyond the idea stage, there is plenty of time to discuss it, said Village President Ken Monroe. ...more»
Young Auditorium
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