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Geneva, Linn Township
Weiss, DeYoung vying for chairman seat
Dec 25 2014
LINN — Jim Weiss and Craig DeYoung are fellow board members, but it looks as if they will run ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Town of Geneva incumbents will seek re-election
Dec 18 2014
GENEVA — Three town board incumbents recently announced that they will seek re-election April ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Chairman: Fun Fest may return
Nov 27 2014
GENEVA — Room taxes, short-term rentals, resurrecting an annual town event — just a few ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Town tax rate up less than 1.5 cents
Nov 27 2014
GENEVA — “It went pretty fast this year,” Town Clerk-Treasurer Deb Kirch said on ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Willow Road project in Linnís budget
Nov 27 2014
LINN — The town wants to rebuild most of Willow Road next year, and it’s a major project ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Christmas comes early for Linn
Nov 20 2014
LINN — Dan Pitt thinks they gave a couple of fishermen a good scare the evening of Nov. 10....
Geneva, Linn Township
Has a piece of local history vanished?
Nov 13 2014
LINN — World War I started in 1914. ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Meet Linnís new highway superintendent
Oct 30 2014
LINN — “Change is good,” said Dan Pitt, the town’s new highway superintendent. ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Peers remember Allis fondly
Oct 23 2014
Former town of Linn supervisor Jeanne Allis died Saturday, surrounded by her family in her Fontana ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Centennial garden a birthday present for town hall
Oct 16 2014
LINN — Betty Colitti Stuffers said the face of a town is its town hall, and the grounds surrounding ...
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