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Geneva, Linn Township
Peers remember Allis fondly
Oct 23 2014
Former town of Linn supervisor Jeanne Allis died Saturday, surrounded by her family in her Fontana ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Centennial garden a birthday present for town hall
Oct 16 2014
LINN — Betty Colitti Stuffers said the face of a town is its town hall, and the grounds surrounding ...
Geneva, Linn Township
State recognition raises the bar for Woods
Oct 09 2014
GENEVA — The Woods School District has given out plenty of good report cards, but this time, ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Garden a classroom of teachable moments
Oct 02 2014
GENEVA — “Yes,” Dianne Roth shouted in response to a question from the other end ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Woods improves better web access
Sep 04 2014
GENEVA — Woods School is ready to face the challenges of a new year with increased web capabilities ...
Geneva, Linn Township
iPads over laptops at Traver School
Sep 04 2014
LINN — It wasn’t that long ago when schools were concerned about buying enough laptops ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Boy Scout creates outdoor ed area for Reek
Sep 04 2014
LINN — Usually, when a Boy Scout goes for the rank of Eagle Scout, his community project involves ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Garden adds to Woods aesthetics
Aug 28 2014
GENEVA — The cyclone fence around Woods School is gone, the 1895 portion of the school building ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Fireboat purchase on the horizon
Aug 21 2014
LINN — The town’s closer than ever to buying a fireboat....
Geneva, Linn Township
Town funds Como shore restoration
Aug 14 2014
GENEVA — According to some people, steps need to be taken to fight the erosion of the Lake ...
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