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Community Living
Donors write about impact charity had on their friends
Jan 29 2015
Dear readers, We have been very busy answering the pleas for assistance. We want to thank you our ...
Community Living
Widow, mother of adult with special needs, seeks support
Jan 22 2015
Dear W.C., My husband passed away a year ago. I still am so devastated. We had been married for 42 ...
Community Living
Matching grants provide relief to poverty stricken
Jan 15 2015
We are very happy to announce we have met the Fox Charities Christmas Wish $25,000 matching grant. ...
Community Living
Son takes advantage of mom
Jan 08 2015
Dear W.C., Can you please help my friend? She is a senior citizen that I feel is being taken advantage ...
Community Living
Help for a woman who lost her husband, son
Jan 01 2015
Dear W.C., This past year has been very hard for my family. Last February my husband died from a heart ...
Community Living
Reward comes on cue
Dec 25 2014
My dear friends, These past few weeks, as I was falling behind with more needs than funds to provide ...
Community Living
Celebrating 600 columns
Dec 18 2014
This week we celebrate our 600th newspaper column with all of you. ...
Community Living
Need donations to fill great need
Dec 11 2014
After spending the evening listening to more than 40 voice mails, reading a multitude of emails and ...
Community Living
Helping woman who was swindled
Dec 04 2014
Thanksgiving found Sal delivering hot turkey dinners so generously provided by Popeye’s Restaurant ...
Community Living
Our Thanksgiving blessings
Nov 27 2014
Do you ever take a moment to count your blessings? ...
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