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Community Living
Savings gone, medical bills building up, home in jeopardy
Sep 18 2014
Dear W.C., I was wondering if you would be able to help my husband and me. We are both in our late ...
Community Living
Daughter worried about mom
Sep 11 2014
Dear W.C., I am leaving for school and worry about my mother and siblings....
Community Living
Fulfilling one simple request: A new mattress
Sep 04 2014
Dear W.C., I am a senior citizen living with my disabled son. We both live on social security. ...
Community Living
Sick father out of work
Aug 28 2014
Dear W.C.,...
Community Living
Helping man with Parkinsonís
Aug 21 2014
Dear W.C., Please excuse my poor handwriting. I have Parkinson’s disease and bad eyesight. The ...
Community Living
A thank you to supporters
Aug 14 2014
Fox Charities always seems to know when The Time Is Now to Help is struggling to bring assistance to ...
Community Living
Grief-stricken mom needed help
Aug 07 2014
Dear W.C., I am writing you in hopes you can help my mother and I. We are about to be evicted and our ...
Community Living
Woman in wheelchair needs help
Jul 31 2014
Dear W.C., I have been disabled for the last 10 years, since I was a teenager....
Community Living
We need your help for this crusade
Jul 24 2014
Dear friends, The busy summer season is flying by with continuous requests for help and providing assistance. ...
Community Living
Afraid of being homeless
Jul 17 2014
Dear W.C., I am scheduled for hip surgery in a few weeks. I am only in my fifties but require a hip ...
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