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Community Living
Veteran, family need help with car repairs
Jun 02 2016
Dear W.C., I’m writing to see if you can help my husband and I. We have been struggling for ...
Community Living
Time is Now helps relieve dental pain, financial strain
May 26 2016
Dear W.C., My neighbors that live in our apartment building need your help. They are a woman in her ...
Community Living
Widow with disabled child falls behind on mortgage
May 19 2016
Dear W.C., My children and I have been struggling recently. My husband passed away two years ago ...
Community Living
College daughter seeks help for mother in debt
May 12 2016
Dear W.C., I am writing to see if you can help my mother. I am leaving for college next fall and ...
Community Living
Matching grants are vital to charity’s success
May 05 2016
The past few weeks have been busy with providing poverty relief made possible by the Ziegler $15,000 ...
Community Living
Pain of poverty lifted with help of donors
Apr 28 2016
Together we help change the lives of many of our fellow creations, those that are suffering in the ...
Community Living
Couple back on their feet after medical bills leave them homeless
Apr 21 2016
Dear W.C., My husband and I lost our apartment two months ago. We have been sleeping at my aunt’s ...
Community Living
How $60,000 helped more than 100 in need
Apr 14 2016
Thank you to the Family Foundation for their $30,000 Matching Grant inspiration and all who made the ...
Community Living
Sisters need assistance, living on canned food
Apr 07 2016
The Family Foundation $30,000 Matching Grant is continuing to remove the pains of poverty and being ...
Community Living
Husband who cares for wife, mother-in-law receives help
Mar 31 2016
We are happy to announce we have met the Family Foundation $30,000 Matching Grant. We have distributed ...
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