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Community Living
Donations help restore utilities
May 28 2015
This week we have seen a great start to the Paul Ziegler $15,000 Matching Grant. We also have been ...
Community Living
Wounded veteran needs help
May 21 2015
Dear W.C., I served in the military for more than eight years. I am disabled but I do not let that ...
Community Living
Funding a new wheelchair
May 14 2015
Dear W.C., You are my last hope. I have tried everything to get my daughter the help she needs. My ...
Community Living
Teen escapes momís party house, but faces eviction
May 07 2015
Dear W.C., I am a young woman living on my own. I am 19 and have been on my own for almost a year. ...
Community Living
Elderly woman needs help
Apr 30 2015
Dear W.C., I apologize for my sloppy handwriting. I am losing my eyesight. You see I am a senior ...
Community Living
Injury leaves family struggling
Apr 23 2015
Dear W.C., My husband and I have been trying to get by for the last few months....
Community Living
Providing assistance to woman with Lyme disease
Apr 16 2015
Dear W.C., Could you please help a friend of mine? She is going through a very tough time. She was diagnosed ...
Community Living
How Driehaus matching grant benefited families
Apr 09 2015
Richard H. Driehaus $30,000 Matching Grant = $60,000 in Assistance....
Community Living
Many people in the community have needs
Apr 02 2015
Dear Readers, This past month has brought many requests for assistance. ...
Community Living
Mourning widow needs help
Mar 26 2015
Dear W.C., My sister is having a very hard time right now. ...
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