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Lake Geneva News
Jumping to a prestigious summer gig
Jun 18 2015
Last week, on the decks of the Walworth II, 11 vied for the coveted role of mailboat jumper....
Geneva Lake West
Orthodox church hoping for growth
Sep 12 2013
FONTANA — “God willing, we’ll continue to grow and build a permanent home for our ...
Lake Geneva News
MiKayla's steer memorial to her late dad
Sep 05 2013
Josh Yates would have been proud. His daughter, MiKayla, 16, was showing off the rust-colored crossbred ...
Lake Geneva News
Magee, Lake Lawn, LGRN to be honored
Aug 29 2013
Three awards will be handed out by the Geneva Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at its annual meeting Sept. ...
Geneva Lake West
St. Benedict mascot in long line of priest's dogs
Aug 22 2013
Since then he’s had multiple assignments at different churches, and he couldn’t say which ...
Lake Geneva News
Palmer farm part of family legacy
Aug 15 2013
According to Mike Palmer, his family originally came to the Geneva Lake area in 1847. While not among ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Two families for third-generation firefighter
Aug 08 2013
The day before the Town of Linn Fire and EMS Department conducted a practice burn at a house in The ...
Lake Geneva News
Old friend comes down
Aug 01 2013
For Tricia Schaefer, the tree was an old friend. The sugar maple at the corner of Center and Wisconsin ...
Geneva, Linn Township
Entering a burning house a dangerous way to spend a Saturday
Jul 25 2013
LINN The flames were real. The heat was real up to 400 degrees. The terrain was the inside of a ...
Lake Geneva News
Badger's Braden retires from beat
Jul 18 2013
Almost as much teacher as he was cop, Officer Ralph Braden was the face of the school liaison program ...
Walworth County