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Teen charged in Election Day robbery

Rosas Villegas
December 14, 2012 | 04:43 PM
ELKHORN — A Lake Geneva teen faces multiple felony charges after he allegedly rushed into an apartment, tied up people and stole change.

Marcos Rosas Villegas, 16, 1127 Center St., faces felony charges of armed robbery, burglary while using a dangerous weapon and two counts of false imprisonment.

If convicted, Rosas faces up to 69 1/2 years imprisonment and $145,000 in fines.

Click here to read the criminal complaint.

Several other juveniles were arrested in connection to the Election Day robbery but have not been charged in adult court.

The other alleged robbers are ages 16, 14 and 13. When asked if the other juveniles will be waived into adult court, Assistant District Attorney Haley J. Rea said she couldn't comment .

Rosas is scheduled for a Jan. 18 preliminary hearing. He is free from custody after posting a $5,000 cash bond, according to online court records.

According to the criminal complaint:

Two women and a 16-year-old were watching TV when someone knocked on the door. The door was pushed open before one of the woman could answer it.

A person holding a pipe and a knife entered the apartment. He was wearing a red hoodie with a blue bandana over his face.

The robber demanded the women and the 16-year-old, "Get on the floor. Drop everything." Another person entered the apartment holding a knife and was wearing a black sweater hoodie.

Both women had their hands duct taped behind their backs. The woman who lived in the apartment had both of her children home at the time of the incident. She told her kids, who were crying, to stay calm.

After the incident, the 16-year-old told police he helped plan the robbery. He admitted to planning it with Rosas and two other juveniles, ages 13 and 14.

The 16-year-old was sent to the apartment to buy marijuana, smoke it and "make things look like they were cool," according to the criminal complaint.

Rea said she couldn't comment on whether the adult victims would face charges.

In return for his role in the robbery, the 16-year-old was going to get the Xbox at the apartment, and the other three would split any money that was discovered.

One of the juveniles said he assisted in binding one of the women. He also said he took the Xbox, and Rosas and another juvenile stole change.


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