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Big Foot alumnus earns roster spot for D1 Arizona

Carter Hehr holds the school's career interception record at Big Foot. Mike Ramczyk.

August 13, 2013 | 03:19 PM
FONTANA — Four hours a day of training. A meticulous schedule telling you when to eat, sleep, workout and snack. Even a mandatory enrollment in summer school.

The Division 1 college football lifestyle isn't for the faint of heart.

A camp that started with 125 football hopefuls has dwindled down thanks to quitters and ineligibilities.

Fontana native Carter Hehr, a former Big Foot star, was sent home from camp Aug. 2 and told to come back Aug. 24 for the start of the fall season. Unfortunately, he wasn't selected as one of two players out of 20 who were invited to an exclusive team camp.

Judy Hehr, Carter Hehr's mom, being the friendly gal she is, texted Arizona's head recruiting coach that Friday, thanking him for this wonderful opportunity for her son.

"Say the word, and Carter is on the next flight back out there," Judy said to the coach.

Five days later, on Aug. 7, Arizona just couldn't deny they needed Carter, a 5-foot-10 free safety.

"We need him here as soon as possible," said the coach when the call finally came.

Absolutely shocked, Carter hopped on a flight and was on Arizona's practice field last Sunday, Aug. 11.

He has been practicing at Arizona Stadium, which seats 51,000, all week and will wear full pads Friday.

"Truly cannot believe this is happening," Carter tweeted Aug. 11 upon his arrival.

The former Big Foot quarterback, who racked up more than 2,000 total yards and 35 total touchdowns upon leading the Chiefs to the Division IV state title game, will wear No. 37 for Arizona.

Already a participant in a summer class at Arizona as well as a rigorous training regimen that included training four hours a day with five fitness trainers for four weeks, Hehr feels blessed.

"I don't care, I'm so grateful to be here," he said.

With 50,000 students at the school, Hehr is one-fifth of one percent of the population that has unlimited access to a facility that boasts a 5,000-foot video screen, the fourth-largest in college football, and an amazing $72 million expansion that was constructed in 2009.

The addition has seats and luxury boxes atop a four-story complex housing locker rooms, football offices, a weight training area, a cafeteria for student-athletes, the new Sands Club and new concessions and bathrooms.

Judy almost can't believe this surreal experience. She said Carter said he doesn't care if the team makes the "Rose Bowl or the Toilet Bowl," he just knows for sure he will travel with the team.

Arizona, which finished the 2012 campaign 8-5 and won the New Mexico Bowl, 49-48, over Nevada, may not need Carter this year or even next year.

But perhaps Carter, who is quite possibly the most successful quarterback in area football history, will be picking off passes and crunching ball carriers in the secondary someday.

One thing can't be denied — Carter's in it for the long haul.


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