Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Compton charged with possessing heroin, cocaine

by Rob Ireland

March 19, 2009

Elkhorn — Criminal charges were filed Friday against a 44-year-old attorney, who allegedly was found in possession of heroin and cocaine during a search of a Lake Geneva apartment.

Stephen M. Compton, 250 Van Bee Circle, has been charged with felony possession of narcotic drugs and bail jumping.

He also was charged with misdemeanor possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

If convicted of the felonies, Compton faces 9-1/2 years in prison and $20,000 in fine.

If convicted of the misdemeanors, he faces 13 months in jail and $5,500 in fines.

The Walworth County Drug Unit arrested Compton along with former Walworth Elementary School teacher Katie M. Luessenhop when they searched her apartment Edwards Boulevard March 7.

Compton appeared in court in custody Friday over video conference. Compton’s bond is set at $100,000 cash.

Judge John Race, who was filling in for Judge James Carlson, wouldn’t hear the case because of a conflict of interest.

Compton was a Walworth County Court Commissioner until Jan. 31. Compton asked race if he could wave the conflict of interest.

“I think it’s better that I not hear it,” Race said.

Luessenhop, 26, also faces three counts of felony bail jumping and one felony count of possession of a narcotic drug from the March 7 search.

She already faces charges of felony possession of narcotic drug and misdemeanor possession of cocaine stemming from a Sept. 18 incident at Walworth Elementary School.

She pleaded not guilty to those charges Feb. 25.

According to the Compton’s criminal complaint:

The Walworth County Drug Unit executed a search warrant at Luessenhop’s apartment around 2:30 a.m. and found her and Compton in her bedroom.

On the nightstand, police found a four inch straw and credit card with powder on it. This tested positive for cocaine.

Police also discovered heroin in the apartment. Police searched Compton’s car and found cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Compton told police he uses cocaine and heroin together and purchases heroin for $3,000 an ounce and cocaine for $1,500 an ounce.

When Compton was initially arrested, he immediately posted a $2,000 cash bond and was ordered to not make contact with Luessenhop.

Luessenhop was held in custody in lieu of as $10,000 cash bond.

On March 11, a woman came to the Walworth County Jail with $10,000 cash to post Luessenhop’s bond. Police ran her driver’s license and discovered her license was suspended.

Deputies stopped her vehicle as she was leaving the jail and she admitted to knowing Compton for several years.

She told police that around 3 a.m. she went to a Delavan resort and found bag containing a Trac phone, $10,000 in cash, instruction on what to say if the police questioned her and a map to the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department.

There also was an additional $500 cash for her and Luessenhop to split on whatever they needed.

A note also had Compton’s phone number and stated, “Katie can never say I bailed her out! Never!”

According to the criminal complaint on Luessenhop’s March 7 arrest:

The Walworth County Drug Unit was conducting surveillance on Compton and Luessenhop as part of an ongoing police investigation.

The officers observed the pair driving together in the city of Lake Geneva and the village of Walworth, a violation of Luessenhop’s bond conditions.

During a search of the apartment, police found a bindle of heroin, which weighed about one gram.

Luessenhop admitted it was hers and that she got it from Compton.

She also told police that she bought $3,000 worth of heroin days earlier using money she received from Compton.

Luessenhop also admitted to making numerous contacts with Compton.

According to the criminal complaint and police reports on Luessenhop’s Sept. 18 arrest:

The Walworth Police Department was dispatched to the elementary school after receiving a report of a disturbance.

Outside of the school, Luessenhop turned over to police a small wrapped container, which she said contained cocaine.

She also handed over a file folder that contained a small plastic bag containing a powder.

Police then searched Luessenhop’s handbag and found another small bag containing a powder.

Two of the bags tested positive for heroin and one bag tested positive for cocaine.

After the Sept. 18 incident Compton was cited for disorderly conduct at his home. Compton pleaded guilty to this charge and paid a fine.

Police reports indicate that Compton was Luessenhop’s landlord and ex-boyfriend.