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The Time is Now to Help
A Christmas wish come true

December 23, 2010

As we begin our busy Christmas week I find myself again counting my blessings. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to assist over 1,000 fellow creations this past year. I am grateful for the many senior citizens we kept from homelessness, hunger, darkness, and loneliness, removing their desperate fear and pain of poverty.

I am thankful for the assistance we were able to offer many handicapped people. For those who can no longer walk, have lost their eyesight, have suffered injuries they will never recover from, who are physically broken, yet still struggling in poverty, we have been there to help with compassion. I am grateful for your help in providing individuals struggling with terminal diseases, giving them peace of mind knowing they could have electricity, heat, food, and shelter during their final moments.

Every one of these people touched my heart and I could not have helped them alone. Every time we offered our fellow Americanís assistance they so desperately needed it felt like Christmas to me. It was the gift of love, doing Godís will, celebrating together, making a difference, offering compassion, Caring and Sharing all year long.

Together we have helped many children. From babies in need of diapers, food, clothing, to children of all ages living in the fear and confusion of living without food, heat, electricity, and proper clothing. Children do not understand the capitalistic world we live in. Their hearts are pure and innocent ... a life meant to be so different from the suffering poverty puts them in. We read in the Bible how we are never to harm a hair on the head of one of Godís children, yet there are those that turn away to add to their own abundance. They ignore what God puts right before them, even when they claim to love God. There is no excuse to stand by and ignore the suffering of children or any of Godís creation. Deep in our hearts and our conscience we know we cannot turn away from our fellow creations put before us that are hurting.

We live in our wonderful United States of America; we stand for the strength of Americanís working together. I alone cannot help all those that reach out to us for help. For those of you Caring and Sharing, together we make a big difference. Now we need those fellow Americanís on the sidelines watching, to join in and help us continue to help more of our fellow creations out of their desperate pains of poverty.

This year has gone by in a blur of activity. The faces of the many people we have helped will never fade and their haunting stories stay with me. Their tears are never forgotten. Their grateful smiles and words of thanks give me the strength to continue on with my vow to God to help those in need. Once I was told I spend too much time helping the poor. My life, led by my belief in God, allows me no other path. Keeping my vow I made to God as a young boy, as I prayed for help for my own mother struggling in poverty, I will not stray for any reason from Godís work. Knowing we removed some of those tears for these people, and replaced those tears with a smile, gives me the strength to continue to serve Godís people. The encouragement I receive from all of you, your faith and hope in what we can and do accomplish together, keeps me working hard for the poverty stricken homeless, senior citizens, handicapped, and children that are struggling to survive.

I am especially encouraged by our new Christmas Wish $25,000 Matching Grant. Your donations will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach our goal of $25,000. Once again, thank you and God bless our generous providers of this wonderful opportunity. After Christmas we reach our most difficult fund raising time. It is also the most trying time for individuals living without shelter, food, and utilities during our harsh winter. Please find this matching grant an encouragement to donate now and after the Christmas holiday. God bless you for Caring and Sharing.

I pray for the many families and individuals struggling during these trying times. I pray we can reach the many coming to us for assistance and help them to be independent once more. I pray for the individuals that are struggling with illness and disabilities, that they can be well once more and self-sufficient. I pray for our donors and volunteers to remain strong and healthy. My hope in the coming year is for an improved economy and good jobs available to all that are seeking work. I pray every day our government would step up its responsibility to the people so organizations such as ours do not have to always pick up the pieces. I do not see that happening any time soon so I believe The Time Is Now To Help will have to continue offering assistance to those that cannot find help anywhere else. Our networking will have to grow stronger and stronger to help even more. We need everyone to stand strong for Godís creation.

Together we have removed the pain of poverty by offering handicap assistance, beds, clothing, toiletries, gas vouchers, home repairs, turned on gas, electric, heat and lights, provided shelter, daily necessities, compassion, heartfelt support, hope... We have provided hundreds of hours by volunteers to distribute our services, accounting, donation receipts, letters, grant writing, etc. The Time Is Now To Help is a completely volunteer organization with no overhead costs. My personal business covers all office expenses, printing, postage, supplies, telephones, transportation ... We work very hard for the many poverty stricken turning to us for assistance. We make sure every penny of your donation goes right where you want it to go, helping our fellow Americans/fellow creations in desperate need.

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. May you have a season of blessings and thank you for sharing those blessings with The Time Is Now to Help.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now To Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now To Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

A Very Special Thank You: Michael & Sue Borden, Paul Ziegler, Ziegler Charitable Foundation, Lake Geneva Gutter Co., Delavan Service League, Steven & Deidred Trumble, Paper Dolls, Peterson Drywall, The Bloody Mary Group, Oldies but Goodies Red Hat Group, Dr. Mark & Cynthia Brower, Martin OíBrien, Dick & Jean Honeyager, Mark & Kathleen Bidlack, Barbara Giovannoni, Lillian Rudolf, Pat & Jim Gee, Hollis Schuetz, John & M. Conrardy, Crazy Cards, Lydia Polek, Lynn Jeka, Frank & Martha Zigmond, Donald & Gail Holden, Marvin & Audrey Hersko, Timothy Greene, Nancy Morgan, Elizabeth McDonald, Donald & Lily Fibiger, Joseph & Cecilia Kowalski, Harold & Christine Armstrong, Robert & Barbara Zwolinski, Gerald & Marilyn Wilkin, Michael & Christine Gunderson, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, all of you who support The Time Is Now To Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.

Memorials: Janice Ploch in memory of Richard Ploch.

We Desperately Need Cars: Please donate a used car to help our fellow Americanís get to work and other daily necessities.

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