Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Marra beats Weyhrauch for Village President
Landgraf, Pfeil elected to School Board

by Robert Ireland & Chris Schultz

April 07, 2011

Williams Bay — John Marra held back tears and hugged supporters after finding out he will serve as the next Village President.

“I’m thrilled and humbled by the trust the Williams Bay voters gave me today,” he said.

Don Weyhrauch, who served as village president for 10 years, wasn’t available for comment. Marra received 457 votes and Weyhrauch earned 325.

To celebrate his victory Marra was heading off to Cafe Calamari with friends. He said he was glad all of his campaigning during the past five months paid off.

“I’m pleasantly surprised. I was confidant all along that my record and the integrity I displayed my entire life would present me as a viable candidate to replace the current president,” Marra said Tuesday night.

Marra said his first order of business was preparing himself and the rest of the village board for the challenges created by state budget cuts.

Winning for Marra wasn’t an accident, he spent a lot of time campaigning.

Leading up the election, he went door-to-door and two of his friends assisted him canvassing the community.

Marra also said he was committed to open government and transparency.

“That will be a gold standard and I intend to make it a priority,” he said. “You will not have to deal with incomplete agendas.”

Marra also prepared a post election statement.

“I am extremely honored to have been elected Village President of Williams Bay and to accept the responsibilities that your trust had entitled me to,” he wrote.

In the statement, he also thanked the voters for their support, and extended an olive branch to Weyhrauch.

“I want to thank our former President for his long and dedicated service to the Village of Williams Bay and wish him and his family well,” Marra wrote.

On Monday night, Weyhrauch said he would be at a VFW meeting on election night.

He expected to have his cell phone off and wouldn’t be home until late.

Meanwhile, in the race for Williams Bay School Board, an incumbent and newcomer took the two open seats.

Lynne Landgraf, who chaired the district’s citizens committee to support the revenue cap referendum, and incumbent Jim Pfeil were the top vote-getters.

With 1,499 votes cast in that race, Landgraf took 496 votes and Pfeil 383.

The two remaining candidates, Richard Chroust, who ran for school board rather than run for re-election to the Village Board, and William Myers, a newcomer, gathered 308 and 306 votes respectively. Voters could vote for two candidates in that race.