Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Appointment of new trustee will wait
Two candidates fail to win majority approval

by Chris Schultz

May 26, 2011

Genoa City — With one seat empty on the Village Board, trustees deadlocked over who to appoint to fill the position at the regular Village Board meeting, Thursday, May 12.

Two candidates were nominated to fill the seat vacated by Ed Lilla.

Kurk P. Paleka was suggested as the first candidate. Voting for Paleka were Village President John Wrzeszcz and trustees Eric Boxer and Ken Parker. Voting against were Bill Antti, Judy Hunt and Phillip Traskaski.

Audrey Denecke’s name was then advanced as a candidate. Denecke served on the village Plan Commission, until Wrzeszcz replaced her with Cheri Borowiec during the recent reorganization of village committees and commissions.

The vote again split 3 -3, with Antti, Hunt and Traskaski voting for, and Wrzeszcz , Boxer and Parker voting against.

“We’ve come to an impasse,” Wrzeszcz said. “We’ll have to call for a special election.”

Wrzeszcz moved the village go to a special election.

It died for lack of a second.

Hunt moved that the seat remain vacant until the next scheduled election, but the village attorney told her that the board can’t do that.

The board members then agreed to table the issue to the next election.

Meanwhile, village officials will continue seeking candidates to fill the trustee position.

Trustee Ed Lilla, who had one year left on his two year term, resigned last month after he learned that his pension through Metra, the Chicago rail transit system, would have suffered a substantial cut if he stayed on as a paid member of the Genoa City Village Board. Lilla told board members the cut in his pension would have been nearly $14,000, while trustees are paid $2,000. There are no provisions in state law or Genoa City ordinances that would have allowed Lilla to return or refuse pay as a trustee.