Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Can someone please read my blog ...

by John Halverson

June 16, 2011

I have a testimonial to share.

ďJust went through your blogs. They are great!Ē

Thatís a very nice commentary on the blogs Iíve been writing the last two months. Never mind that this thoughtful vote of confidence came from my daughter.

And never mind that I had asked my daughter to read my blogs. Several times. No word yet from the other six people Iíve requested ďfeedbackĒ from.

I can only conclude:

1 ó No one is reading them.

2 ó People love them but are too shy to say so.

3 ó Theyíre so bad that even those jerks who anonymously spew venom on our blog comment section are at a loss for words.

Iíll choose 1.

If people have been reading the blogs, Iím sure someone would find the typos I missed the first 37 times I read them. Itís especially sad my blogs have apparently put to sleep the multitudes of comma chasers who pick apart our paper every week.

Apparently, no one reads them in-house either or those typos would have been found (really, our people are pretty darn good at what they do). The sad part is that my title is general manager. I pay these people to work here. Once when my son didnít laugh at one of my jokes, and I countered by saying that I had them guffawing at work, he said ďwell, you pay them.Ē Apparently I pay them enough to laugh at my jokes, but not enough to read my blogs. I donít want to risk mass resignations by forcing the issue.

Before you ask, Iíll answer an obvious question: No, I do not receive additional compensation for writing these blogs. That would be disgusting, an abuse of power, and self-aggrandizing ó and as you can tell, Iím a humble man.

Yes, I know. Self-pity is unbecoming. So is writing an entire column beseeching people to feed my ego, find my typos, read my darn blogs.

If this doesnít work, I donít know what to do. Maybe Iíll have to hire people just to read them. Or put more daughters on the payroll.

Editorís note: Johnís blogs can be found on the blog section of If you have trouble navigating the site and need help finding them, we have a help desk ó just call our office and ask for John.

Halverson is the general manager of the Regional News.