Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Vorlop retires

June 16, 2011

Williams Bay — Dr. Fred Vorlop, superintendent of Williams Bay School District for the past decade, announced his retirement effective Sept. 1, according to Kim Travis, Williams Bay School Board president

Vorlop made his announcement to the school board by e-mail early Tuesday, June 14, Travis said in an interview on Tuesday. The School Board met Monday, June 13, but nothing was said about his retirement at the meeting, she said.

“The school board wishes him the best in his retirement,” Travis said. “He’s been a pleasure to work with. We will miss him.”

Vorlop, who taught and worked in administration in districts in Wisconsin and Illinois, was already retired when the district hired him as a part-time superintendent about 10 years ago.

Over the past year and a half, Vorlop has been dealing with a school budget caught in the squeeze between rising costs and declining revenues.

An attempt to raise revenues and the district’s spending cap by referendum failed in September 2010.

Since then, Vorlop and the School Board have been struggling to make ends meet, starting with a gap of $600,000 this year.

The major cuts included releasing four fulltime elementary school teachers and cutting hours on two high school and one junior high school teacher.

Other cuts were also necessary, from the school lunch program (which also raised prices) to reducing field trips, cutting outdoor education, slicing the athletic uniform budget and reducing teacher requisitions for books, markers and other instruction materials.

Even more cuts will have to be made during the 2011-12 school year.

Travis said the School Board will have to formally accept Vorlop’s retirement and then organize a search committee to find a replacement.

Vorlop, who lives in Delavan, could not be reached for comment.

Travis said Vorlop and his wife are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a trip to Europe.