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The Time is Now to Help
Caring for a special grandson

June 30, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to our Lake Geneva Area Realty $40,000 Matching Grant. We are now half way to our goal with donations totaling over $20,000. Thank you for your caring and sharing to help our poverty stricken neighbors.

Your support has allowed us to assist thirteen people with utilities to enable them to cook, have lights, run refrigerators and appliances, and allowed seniors and those with health problems to use both heat and air-conditioning. Your support has helped sixteen people to pay their rent and provided emergency shelter for a family at a local motel. We have also been able to provide food, household necessities, and toiletries for families and senior citizens.

We have many people still waiting for assistance and look forward to being able to offer them the same helping hand as we progress with this matching grant. When we complete this matching grant we will have been able to relieve the pain and suffering for many of our fellow creations. Thank you for helping. God Bless you.

Dear W.C.,

I am a senior citizen raising my grandson. My daughter and son-in-law got into some trouble over eight years ago and are in jail. I have been caring for my grandson ever since. He is now almost a teenager. I am so glad I took him in when I did because he is the best thing in my life. He is such a good young man. I feel so bad that I am not able to care for him as well as I should. Between my Social Security and the assistance I receive for him, we barely have enough to pay rent and utilities. I try my best to keep enough food in the house.

It is very hard when I have medical problems and am beginning to feel my age. I have been unable to drive due to my need for new eyeglasses. My purse was stolen the last time I went shopping and it contained both my glasses and my prescriptions. It also contained what little money we had to our name to buy food with. I don’t know what to do. You always seem to know what to do in these situations so I am turning to you for help.

Worried Grandma

Dear Readers,

I went to visit this grandmother and was greeted at the door by a boy looking to be around twelve years old. He asked who I was and why I was there. I could tell he was protecting his grandmother, being the man of the house. I smiled and explained who I was. He told me to wait outside and closed the door. I smiled again, proud of this young man. After several minutes he reappeared at the door with his grandmother by his side. She squinted to see my face and said she recognized me. She invited me in to talk.

The apartment was small but tidy. The grandmother told me how her grandson was such a big help and kept everything organized for her. He seemed much more mature than the age I had guessed him to be. After a few minutes of visiting she asked him to leave the room so we could talk alone. When he left she said she had not wanted to worry him about their financial state because he was such a serious boy.

I asked why he was that way and she was saddened. She said he had seen a lot when he had lived with his parents. They had been addicted to drugs and did not care for him. It was a surprise when her daughter called her to ask if she would take care of him because they were going to jail. She never dreamed they would be in prison for so long. There were many serious charges brought against them and their sentence is much longer than she thought. Now she worries they will get out before he is a grown man. There were not only drug related charges, but also abuse and neglect charges. She does not want her grandson to have to return to that kind of lifestyle ever again. But now she also worries that she will not be able to care for him until he is an adult. Their assistance barely covers expenses and she has spent all her savings.

I noticed she had on what seemed to be a very old pair of glasses, taped together in pieces. She still squinted even with these. She said they were her old pair from over twenty years ago. When I saw how scratched and broken they were I wondered how she could see out of them at all. She said they were better than nothing but did not allow her to read or drive safely. I promised her The Time Is Now To Help would help her purchase a new pair of glasses right away. We also provided gift cards for the purchase of new clothing and shoes for her and her grandson. I had noticed his pants were very short and his shoes were completely worn out. The grandmother was very thankful for this assistance and could not wait to tell her grandson. She called him back in the room and told him about The Time Is Now To Help. He took his grandmother’s hand and told her, “Grandma you do not have to keep secrets from me. I know you are struggling to care for me. I wish I was old enough to get a job and help you. I will as soon as I can. I love you very much and want to take as good care of you as you have taken care of me.” I looked at the grandson and remembered my own desire as a young man to help my struggling mother. The grandmother began to cry and hugged her grandson. They were two of God’s creations loving one another and trying to survive. My heart went out to both of them.

In addition to the glasses and clothing, we also supplied them with food and gas for the car. We brought their rent and utilities up to date. I spoke to their landlord and he reduced their rent, which helped considerably. We found some additional aid to help them meet their new budget. They were both very grateful for our assistance. They asked me to thank everyone that supports The Time Is Now To Help. They said they had felt lost when the grandmother’s purse was stolen. The grandmother told me, “We had lost faith in our fellow man. Now The Time Is Now To Help has changed our lives for the positive and we now see the good in others again.”

Please remember the Lake Geneva Area Realty $40,000 Matching Grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched with another doubling your donation. Every penny you donate will be utilized 100 percent to provide food, utility, housing assistance, toiletries ... to ease the pains of poverty of our fellow Americans.

Thank you for Caring and Sharing.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now To Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now To Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

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