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The Time is Now to Help
Elderly mother in need

July 21, 2011

Dear WC,

I was wondering if you could help my elderly mother. She lives in Wisconsin and I am very worried about her. I am a single mom and I live out of state. I must stay here for my job. I do not have the money to visit or move my mother closer to us. I have the space for her if she would be willing to move in. I have tried to get her to move in with us but she always tells me, “No, I will not be a burden, you have it hard enough.”

I have not been to see my mother since my father passed away a few years ago. I used to telephone her every week but the last time I talked to her she said she was having her phone disconnected. She said she could not pay the bill. She also said she was having some health troubles but did not want to worry me. I am very worried and do not have any family or friends to check on her. I found your organization online and was hoping you could help my mother.

A Worried Daughter

Dear Readers,

I called the daughter to find out where her mother lived. The daughter said she had sent a letter to her mother telling her she had requested some help from The Time Is Now to Help. I went to the address given me by the daughter.

I arrived at a very small rundown old cottage. The roof was a mess, the eaves and siding were rotting, and the gutters were rusted through. An elderly woman was in the back yard trying to pull weeds. She was sitting in a chair with a walker, reaching as far as she could. She did not seem to hear me walk up so I made sure she saw me. She looked concerned and asked who I was. I told her I was from The Time Is Now and her daughter had written her a letter about us. She seemed to understand then and she tried to get up on her feet. I could see her wince in pain as she struggled to her feet. I asked her if we could talk awhile and she agreed. We went inside.

I first talked to her about her home. She said she had lived there for many years with her husband before he passed away three years ago. He had done most of the upkeep and outside work until he had suffered several heart attacks nine years before his death. She said it had become too much for her now that she was having some health problems. I asked if she had any friends or family to help and she said none. She told me she only had one daughter and she lived far away. I asked if she had any contact with her daughter and she looked sad. She said she did until she could no longer pay her telephone bill and had to have it disconnected. The elderly woman said, “We write letters and that is how I heard about you and The Time Is Now To Help.” She said the combination of her health problems along with the increase in costs for utilities and maintaining the house had left her unable to keep up with everything. I asked if she minded if I looked around. She looked puzzled but agreed. I looked in her cabinets and refrigerator. They were nearly empty. When I looked at the woman again she was crying. I called one of our volunteers to bring by some food to fill her cabinets and refrigerator, and also to pick up some hot food.

We then talked about her daughter and their relationship. The mother said she and her daughter had always been close until recently, when things became bad financially and she did not want to become a burden. I explained how her daughter contacted me out of love and concern for her. I also told her that her daughter loved her so much she wanted her to move in with them. The mother began to cry again. At first she was in denial of needing assistance and a families helping hand. Then she broke down and admitted how hard it was to live on her own. She admitted to days with little food and doing without medications, glasses, dental care, and even electricity. I asked why she had not told her daughter how bad things had become and she said she was ashamed. The mother knew how hard her daughter was working to just get by and did not want to worry her.

I told her that her daughter felt her struggles in life, her loneliness living all by herself, and even her fear of her financial struggle. The elderly woman looked at me with a questioning gaze. I asked her how much she loved her daughter and granddaughter. She pointed to a dozen pictures taped to the wall, all in sequence of the granddaughter from baby to preteen. She was trembling when she said, “They are my only love for this life that I have left.” I told her what her daughter had told me, “I miss my mother. I need my mother to be part of our life. Please help us.” When she began to cry even harder I consoled her and knew her daughters love had touched her heart. I asked, “Will you grant all three of you some happiness in your life?

Will you let us reunite you with your family?” I explained how this would make both of their financial burdens lighter, how they would share a place to live and living expenses. I then called the daughter from my cell phone and let them talk to each other. When they were done with their conversation the mother was crying with tears of relief and love. She said her daughter had told her how much she needed her companionship and love. I assured her that The Time Is Now To Help would help her move to her daughters. She looked very relieved and happy to hear this. She could not believe that strangers would help an elderly woman they did not know. I told her there were many good fellow creations living in our area that wanted to help.

After some immediate food and utility assistance we provided the funds to help the elderly woman move in with the daughter. We also helped the daughter with gas for her car and food for the long drive to and from her mother’s old cottage. We could not have provided this helping hand without your generosity and compassion.

Together we helped this elderly widow to move in with her family that loved her. She is receiving the care and assistance she so desperately needed. I received a wonderful call of thanks and prayers from the mother, daughter, and granddaughter in appreciation for all we had done for them.

Please remember the Lake Geneva Area Realty $40,000 Matching Grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched with another doubling your donation. Every penny you donate will be utilized 100 percent to provide food, toiletries, utility and housing assistance…to ease the pains of poverty of our fellow Americans. We are almost there. Please help. I cannot help all those in desperate need without you.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC

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