Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Packers champ Koonce visits area
Koonce praises current Packers

by Rob Ireland

July 28, 2011

George Koonce, a Green Bay Packers linebacker on the 1996-97 Super Bowl championship team, was in Lake Geneva last Thursday to raise awareness about Marquette University’s Urban Scholars program. The Urban Scholars program provides scholarships to students who are typically first-generation college students.

Koonce visited a Lake Geneva lakefront mansion to mingle with potential donors. He took a few minutes to speak with the Regional News about the Urban Scholars program and the Packers.

RN: How did you get involved with this charity? Why do you support it?

GK: I wouldn’t say it is a charity, it is a program, Marquette University’s Urban Scholars.

We are giving first generation students an opportunity to get an education. We have about 40 students that are currently in the program, my job is to go out there and give them a chance to come to Marquette and to graduate in hopes to be a leader and go back to either Chicago or southeastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee and to lead and lead by example.

RN: How do you like Green Bay’s chance of repeating the Super Bowl?

GK: I think they have a great chance. I know the last team to go back-to-back from the NFC side was the Packers in 1996-97. We lost, but we went back.

In saying all that, with Charles Woodson and Aaron Rodgers, the team that they have now is better than the teams we had back then. So, I like the chances.

RN: In your opinion, who is the best linebacker in the NFL?

GK: I would have to give it to Ray Lewis, he is pretty good. He is an older veteran, but I will tell you what that Clay Matthews is something special. We are very, very fortunate to have him on our team. I enjoy watching him run around getting after the quarterback.

RN: What was it like watching the Packers Super Bowl this year? Did it bring back memories of your Super Bowl?

GK: Yes it did. I was very fortunate to go down to watch. It was very reminiscent of what we did back in 1996.

The 14-year gap in between the last time we won was too long, and hopefully we have many, many more to come. It was great watching the Packers.