Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Was that really Russell Crowe on the lake path?

by Lisa Seiser

September 08, 2011

Actor Russell Crowe is in the Chicago area filming his latest Superman movie "Man of Steel." What better time than now for him to make his first trip up to Wisconsin and what better place for him to visit than Lake Geneva?

On Thursday, Aug. 25, Crowe and two others did just that. They rode their bicycles from Algonquin to Lake Geneva and then took a ride around the lake path. But, that wasn’t all. He also stopped in for dinner at the Baker House on the lakefront.

Crowe posted a tweet on Twitter about his visit to the area.

“Rode from Algonquin to Lake Geneva (WI). Beautiful place, my first ever visit to Wisconsin. If you are in the area, check out Baker House.”

Bethany Souza, co-owner of the Baker House with Andrew Fritz, met with Crowe and his friends. They were seated in the lakefront garden. Souza said the visit was unannounced. For awhile, Baker House staff weren’t even aware it was actually Crowe. Some thought it was a person who looked like the famous actor.

Souza said she had a chance to talk with Crowe and he joked with one of the waitresses about drinking beer and eating cheese.

“They were very nice,” Souza said about Crowe and his friends.

Neither Souza nor the staff knew why Crowe was in the area until his tweet when they found out he was in the Chicago area filming the movie.

Souza said Crowe was interested in the house and the costumes the Baker House staff was wearing. She said he was very complimentary of everything.

News apparently got out quickly that Crowe was in Lake Geneva and at the Baker House. She made sure nobody in the facility took any photos of Crowe as he privately dined overlooking Geneva Lake. She said other well-known people have also dined at the Baker House, and the effort is always made to keep it quiet.

“We wanted to be discrete,” Souza said. “We weren’t even going to say anything about him being here, but then he tweeted about it.”

Souza said they dined and after their long bike rides, were looking for some massage treatments. However, time wasn’t available as they had to get back to the Chicago area for early morning filming the next day.

“They were going to spend the night,” Souza said.

Instead, the three left around 11 p.m. to get back to Chicago.

The next day, Crowe tweeted again about his visit, apparently answering a question from one of his 275,000 followers.

“Got to the lake in under 3 hours, then went on an unplanned tootle around the lake - riding for 4 hrs 24 m.”