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The Time is Now to Help
My best friend is in need

October 13, 2011

I am happy to announce that we have successfully met The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust $30,000 Matching Grant. This is the fastest we have ever met his matching grant in the eight years of Richard’s generous inspiration. In the coming weeks I will share with you how every penny was spent to help our poverty stricken fellow Americans. Thank you for your overwhelming response to this matching grant. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Dear W.C.,

I am writing to see if you can help my girlfriend. I have never known such a lovely person and wonderful mother. She is hard-working, always kind and loving to her family, and the most generous person I know. Even when she is struggling financially she will scrape enough together to bring an elderly neighbor a meal. I have seen her skimp on her own food so her children have enough.

She never purchases anything for herself. She does not smoke, drink, or use drugs. I am concerned because for the first time in the three years I have known her, I saw her cry the other night when she thought no one would see her. I asked her what was wrong and she broke down and told me she was about to be evicted. Her job had cut back on her hours and her ex-husband stopped paying his child support. Then her car broke down and needed to be repaired so she could get to her job. I help as much as I can but I also am a single mom trying to survive. Please help her.

Worried Best Friend

Dear Readers,

I first placed a call to the girlfriend who wrote the letter of request. I had a few questions for her before I visited her friend. The girlfriend was very happy I called and willing to answer any questions.

When she told me some more details on the girlfriend’s situation I agreed to go see her immediately. I never like hearing people are skipping meals or crying in fear of eviction.

Hunger and fear are terrible feelings to live with. My memories of my mother’s suffering still drives my heart to help. As believers in God we need to do all we can to ease those pains of poverty and put the lives of our fellow creations back on track. I pray every day that the governments of the world put people first; by, for, and of the people.

I met the girlfriend in the apartment complex parking lot and after a brief introduction we went inside. We walked up to the second floor and I noticed she had a key to let herself in. She explained that she spent a lot of time at her apartment and when her friend had to work late she would stay with the children.

When we walked in the girlfriend looked surprised her friend had a stranger with her. When she introduced us I saw the shock on her face when she said I was from The Time Is Now to Help. She asked, “Did you write W.C. a letter on my behalf?” She looked embarrassed. The girlfriend said, “I couldn’t stand to see you cry and skip meals anymore. I am ashamed I can’t help you myself. It was the least I could do to help you.” With that they hugged and began to cry.

I looked around the apartment and saw it was neat but very sparse. The mother that needed help said she had sold a lot of her belongings just to pay some bills. I asked if I could look around her kitchen, and though she looked embarrassed, she agreed. What I found was what I find very often these days, empty refrigerators and nearly empty cabinets. The mother said she had gone to the food pantry two weeks before and they had used the very last of the food the day before. I asked her what she planned on doing. She said she would be working that night as a waitress and hoped her tips would give her enough to buy some food. I asked to see the overdue rent notice. She handed me the eviction notice as she began to cry. Her friend consoled her.

This is the fear reaching across our country. Good jobs are hard to find. Our fellow creations, who want to work, want to survive, have no opportunities in this recession. They are living from week to week, looking for a God send of hope, to remove their fear of becoming homeless. Together we evaluate situations and ease that fear of our fellow Americans being put out on the streets. The children, handicapped, senior citizens, good people need our help.

The Time Is Now To Help brought her rent up to date. We also provided the mother and children with a lot of food to fill both their cabinets and refrigerator. Upon my return with the food the mother started to cry when she saw her children so happy to see all the food. As they helped me fill the cupboards one of the children said, “We have never had this much food.”

After speaking with the mother for some time I came to realize it would be hard not to like this woman. She was indeed kind and even with her financial difficulties, I saw she was generous and kind hearted by nature. I visited two of her elderly widowed neighbors who told me how she would always check on them. Even in this mothers struggle for her and her children’s own survival, she made time to help others. God bless her.

We talked about the mother’s present job and her abilities. I had a job offer in mind for her. I asked if she would be willing to interview for it and she was elated. She said she would as soon as possible. I made the necessary call for the interview.

Several weeks later I called the mother. She was very happy to announce she had gotten the job. The mother sounded happy and upbeat. I asked her if she had been crying anymore and she said, “Only happy tears. Tears of thankfulness for all The Time Is Now To Help has done for my family. Please give a big thank you to all The Time Is Now supporters.”

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Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal

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