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October 27, 2011

CNN returned to film The Time Is Now To Help at work assisting our fellow Americans. They spent three full days with me this past week documenting our mission for the upcoming Tribute show to air live on CNN Dec. 11, 2011.

This time I took CNN to the Lake Geneva Regional News, where The Time Is Now to Help column was first published. We met with the editor Lisa Seiser, the general manager John Halverson, and all the wonderful staff. CNN also interviewed John and Lisa.

The Lake Geneva Regional News was the beginning network of reaching out to those living in the pains of poverty and finding solutions to remove the tears of sorrow, loneliness, hopelessness, and fear. We have turned thousands of people’s lives from sadness to happy tears, letting them know we care. We have provided compassion, relief, given hope, and supplied the daily necessities of life.

Our visit with Lake Geneva Regional News was only the beginning. CNN would be with me for a Time Is Now to Help marathon from morning until late night for three days. First CNN had five people, then we were surrounded by six CNN technicians. At first I felt awkward and uneasy being in front of the camera. The director, Tim, kept repeating, “Just act like we are not here.”

The still photographer Ben, who traveled the world, had just returned from Afghanistan and Iraq. I kept thinking of what Ben has seen and photographed around the world. Mick the filmmaker, was born in Africa, lived in Australia, and also traveled the world. Mick is a freelance photographer shooting for CNN and has done meticulous work for National Geographic.

Mick would start out at a comfortable distance, then put the camera right up to my face, then would move away, then I would catch him filming me in the reflection of a window. All of this occurred while two sound men had me wired for sound and still hung a long handled microphone above our heads. Finally director Tim told me to think of the people you’re going to help. With that statement I asked for God’s help. For the rest of the time having CNN film my every move never concerned me, I was focused on my promise to God, to help our fellow creations.

I received a phone call that two elderly people were on the verge of eviction. A complication to our visit was the husband and wife were deaf. I called the Wisconsin School for the Deaf in Delavan and told them I needed someone who could translate in sign language.

When I was asked what month or week, they were surprised when I told them today. There is a reason why we are called The Time Is NOW to Help. When we got to the mobile home I met a wonderful, God loving elderly couple. I thoroughly evaluated their budget. Due to the elderly man’s recent cancer medications their budget had gotten off track.

These wonderful people came from a generation that always paid their own way. Now they were terrified due to being behind on their rent and being incapable of paying for a new furnace that had been installed. After in-depth communication through the translator I assured them we were going to help them. They were amazed.

A few minutes previous you could see the intense stress on their faces. Occasionally the elderly woman would pull on her hair, to express her intense stress, as she cried. I reached out and hugged this woman. She looked up at me and hugged me back. Through the interpreter I told this broken elderly couple, “Please do not worry any longer. We are here to help.”

I contacted the landlord and he very graciously and kindly agreed to remove all late fees for the rent and furnace. The landlord also told me he would help in any way he could. I have known the landlord for years and he is a good man. The very next day we showed up with payment for the furnace and enough rent to balance their budget. The two elderly sweet souls had Happy tears of joy. They looked at one another and hugged each other. With arms and hands moving very quickly, they signed that they thanked God for The Time Is Now To Help. I reached over and gave them a warm hug as I was held close. I share this love with all of you, the supporters of The Time Is Now To Help. Only through your help are we able to exist. God bless all of you for caring and sharing.

We packed up all the cameras and equipment and piled in the caravan to see our next recipient of assistance. This time it was to check on a disabled quadriplegic. I have been following this case for quite some time. I find a common display of purposeful ignorance by a system that recognizes those that are disabled as being expendable. It is very common to only help our disabled to below the poverty level, even though our government knows what true survival costs are. Those that are acknowledged to be disabled, after sometimes a year or more of denial, live in constant fear of poverty.

This particular person was hit by an uninsured drunk driver, which left him paralyzed for life, with only the ability to partially raise one limb. Periodically we supply this kind, caring man with enough food to carry him through and enough utility assistance to keep the lights and heat on. This man and his retired service dog are very grateful. Sometimes gratitude is given by a smile with a face full of tears but always with a blessing from God. CNN saw our simple solution to the pains of poverty, offer immediate help, care and share, do it with compassion, and thank those that allow us to help.

We were off again to help a mother of two children who is battling cancer. This is another case where the government denied assistance for over a year. They claimed the woman was not disabled, even though her cancer was throughout her body, her bones, her white blood cells, organs, and she was enduring chemotherapy.

The mother showed her strength for her two children. God’s gift of children gives all parents strength. This special mother continues to fight for life for her love of her children. I was told in private by a person from another country, 1 percent of their taxes pay for 100 percent of all medical coverage and care by the government. This person could not believe this mother was trying to survive while suffering in poverty.

The poor woman’s eyes filled with tears while explaining her constant fear of becoming homeless, keeping the utilities on and having enough food. Poverty and suffering is very common, during this recession, caused by government confusion by over thinking or under thinking simple solutions.

When it comes to problems, if our government would solve one objective without having to dilute the solution with compromises to each party our country could move on to offer the help these people so desperately need. The children were very loving and supportive of their dear mother. Now and then we would catch a very saddened look on their beautiful faces. I have to say the children were very wise beyond their years, this was a true sign of love by the mother’s upbringing. Together we helped with their budget, providing the daily necessities, shelter, utility assistance, all with love and compassion.

I explained how The Time Is Now to Help works, through all the help of all of you making our mission of helping our fellow Americans a reality. Once again we made our world a better place to live. It was time to move on but not before hugs were shared, tears fell and a very heartfelt God bless to all of you for being so compassionate.

The CNN crew was in awe of all we accomplish together through our networking. They told me they could not believe how we, The Time Is Now To Help, made such a difference in people’s lives. They could not believe through our simple solutions we were renewing people. The entire CNN crew said it felt great to report the good news.

I will continue the story of the CNN visit and The Time Is Now to Help marathon in our next column. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your cards, notes, support, prayers. All of which energizes me to keep my promise to God to help our fellow creations.

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Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal

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