Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Mama Cimino’s: new pizza place in Lake Geneva

by John Halverson

November 17, 2011

“No one cooks like Mama!”

That’s the motto of Mama Cimino’s Pizza, a new restaurant at 131 Wells St. in Lake Geneva.

And there’s a real Mama Cimino! She’s the mother of Nick Cimino, the manager of the restaurant. The Cimino family has run a similar restaurant in Freeport, Ill., since the ‘70s. That pizza parlor was started by Nick’s father, Tony Cimino. Other members of the Cimino family are also involved in the restaurant business across the country.

According to their own bio: “It was in 1977 that the first Cimino’s Pizza opened in Freeport, IL, with many more to come. During the early years, Tony taught his boys what he believed to be the most important things about running a restaurant, perfecting the product and service.

In 1985 Tony passed away and his sons pledged to keep their father’s spirit alive by continuing to offer only the highest quality and unconditional care and respect for their customers.”

So how did the restaurant come to Lake Geneva?

“We came up to Lake Geneva for a weekend,” Nick said. “And we fell in love with the place. People were so friendly. We figured a pizza place would fit right in.”

“Once you try our pizza you’ll fall in love with it,” Mama adds. She says the family has pizza-making down pat after all these years. “I’m the formula,” she said. “When you’ve been in business for a long time you know what you’re doing.”

Besides pizza the restaurant also serves subs and chicken wings and will soon have a full menu including ribs, chicken and pasta.

“Tell everyone to come by and try it,” Mama says. “Be sure to say hi to Nick.”