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The Time is Now to Help
Stolen identity, hope renewed

December 22, 2011

Dear W.C.,

I am a property manager. I am very concerned about one of our senior citizen residents. She is behind in her rent and I have not seen her for several weeks. I noticed her car was missing for several days and did not see any lights on. I stopped by to check on her. I was very worried about what she told me. She said her identity had been stolen and all her money was gone. She told me her car was missing. When I asked if she had any family or friends to help, she said she didn’t. Could you please check on this woman as she has always been a good woman and good neighbor.

A Concerned Property Manager

Dear Readers,

This senior woman was one of the people I visited along with CNN and While CNN was able to film her reaction to our visit, the segment was edited out of the final short film. She did not have a telephone so our visit was arranged through the concerned property manager. The manager had assured me they were doing all they could to update the surroundings and amenities, while still providing a place to live for many people that could not afford to live anywhere else. He filled me in on some of the story behind the senior citizen woman.

She had lived at the location for many years. She was very content there and able to get by on her meager savings and Social Security. She lived very simply but always paid her rent and utilities on time. That was until her identity was stolen months prior. The thief had emptied her checking and savings accounts. She no longer had any money to pay rent, utilities, or to even buy food. She was doing without food and other necessities. It is nearly impossible to obtain emergency relief. Besides the many phone calls and trips to different locations, there are very long waiting lists and no assistance available for months.

After further investigation we discovered even her car was stolen. The loss of her car was tragic for her wellbeing, as where she lives is not close enough to any amenities to walk. After I continued to research I was shocked by what I found. The woman’s older son had been staying with her prior to her identity theft.

Her own son had stolen her purse and identification. He emptied her savings, leaving her nothing, not even enough money for food. He had taken her car and told her he had to walk back because the car had broken down and been left to be fixed. He never returned the car.

When this no good son learned of my visit, and the manager’s concerns, he took off never to be seen. The poor senior woman was left penniless, with her next Social Security payment more than three weeks away. The hardest thing the widowed woman had to bear was the heart break, knowing this was done to her by her own son.

She began to cry when she spoke about the possibility of leaving her home. I gave her a hug. When she was able to speak again she told me she was very proud that she had been able to take care of herself for all these years. Her son was there for just a short visit, just to steal from her.

Now she did not even know where to turn for help and was too ashamed to even ask. I reassured her that this was not her fault. She admitted she had been too trusting and had left her purse unattended when she went to sleep. Before she knew it her wallet was gone and she never even knew it was missing until several days later. By then it was too late. She had left her check book in her purse as well. Her account was empty by the time she reported it missing. She could not believe all she had left to her name was gone. I assured her we were there to help. I told her she would not be homeless. We contacted a volunteer to take her shopping and provided food vouchers to get food.

The Time Is Now To Help paid her past due rent and brought her utilities up to date. We gave her information about the W.C. Food Pantry to visit in the future. We supplied her with some needed household necessities.

When we were leaving she hugged us good bye, and thanked us profusely for our caring hearts. She said over and over how she did not know such good people existed in the world. I told her we were able to help her because we have so many wonderful caring supporters donating so we can continue to do our good works. She smiled and said, “You be sure to tell them how grateful an old, lonely woman is that they support you so kindly.”

A big thank you to everyone for supporting The Time Is Now To Help. Together we will continue to ease the pains of poverty for our fellow creations.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal Dimiceli Sr.

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McDonald’s Day Fundraiser: Please join us Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011. Owner Bill McEssy is donating 100 percent of his gross sales from his 6 local McDonald’s to The Time Is Now To Help. Please eat at one of Bill’s following McDonald’s locations: Lake Geneva, Lake Geneva Wal-Mart, Elkhorn, Delavan, East Troy, and Burlington, on Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011 and every penny you spend will go to help our local poverty stricken of our communities.

Thank You Sprecher’s Pub in Lake Geneva for sharing your one year anniversary with our organization. The food was delicious and it was good to see so many of our wonderful supporters. Thank you to everyone who donated and participated as 100 percent of your donation will be used to help the poverty stricken.

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