Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Number on cell revealed relationship
Teammates were suspicious of ‘Shawn’

by Chris Schultz

January 12, 2012

ELKHORN — Girls on the Williams Bay High School junior varsity basketball team were aware that one of their teammates, a 16-year-old, had an older boyfriend.

His name was “Shawn,” and he was between 20 and 24 years old.

She said she had met “Shawn” at the Lake Geneva YMCA.

The team’s coach had also worked at the YMCA in Lake Geneva.

An affidavit enclosed with a search warrant filed in the Walworth County Circuit Court Clerk’s office indicates that through repeated conversations and communications with their friend, the other members of the basketball team were becoming suspicious that “Shawn” was a lot closer than their friend was letting on.

It was not an equal relationship. The girl confided with friends that she gave her boyfriend money and posed nude for him on his bed.

The girls on the junior varsity basketball team began to believe that “Shawn” was in fact Shane McKinley, 27, their junior varsity basketball coach.

For example,”Shawn” had a roommate named Juan, and McKinley had mentioned he had a roommate named Juan.

A friend and teammate of the victim told authorities that she and other teammates noticed the body language and eye contact between McKinley and the victim.

They also noted at least one closed-door meeting between the two in the equipment room.

Finally, during a Dec. 13, 2011, basketball game, several of the teammates, noticed the phone number for “Shawn” on the victim’s cell phone. One of the girls also noted that “Shawn’s” phone number was the same as Coach McKinley’s.

McKinley now stands accused of sexual assault of a child by a school staff person and engaging in repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child.

Additional charges include five counts of possession of child pornography and a charge of exposing a child to dangerous material may be added at a Jan. 13 continuation of McKinley’s initial appearance before Walworth County Circuit Judge John Race.

He was fired by the Williams Bay School Board on Dec. 20 and arrested by Delavan police Dec. 21.

He’s been free on $10,000 cash bond since Dec. 22, although he was rearrested on Jan. 6 at the Walworth County Courthouse for possession of child pornography.

He was released again on the same $10,000 cash bond several hours later.

As soon as the Dec. 13 game was over, one of the girls told the head basketball coach. She also told her father, who then called the victim’s father.

Barry Butters, Williams Bay High School principal, talked with the victim’s parents. The parents checked their home records and noted a number of text messages between their daughter and McKinley between 11 p.m. and 12:15 a.m.

Butters told police he had received an e-mail from McKinley apologizing for the late text messages.

In the e-mail, McKinley explained that he had told the girls on the team that he was always available if needed to vent talk or just needed someone to listen.

But contact between McKinley and the victim went beyond that, according to testimony police were taking.

Apparently, at one time, McKinley, the victim and another girl were involved in some sexting and late night phone calls.

McKinley was also apparently a friend with several of the girls on Facebook.

An initial check of the victim’s Facebook page did not turn up McKinley as a friend.

However, a past post was found from McKinley to the victim wishing her a happy birthday, indicating that at one time they were friends, police reported.

One of the victim’s friends told police that McKinley, whom she still referred to as Shawn, “treated her friend badly, and that made her feel bad.”

According to the affidavit, the friend told authorities, “She (the victim) is always spending money on him and that she spent money on his car, paid his rent and bought food for him.”

The friend said the victim also told her that she and Shawn “were hoping to get married and they were going to move to Texas, and she didn’t know why.”

McKinley’s parents live in Texas.

In a meeting between police and the victim’s parents, the parents provided authorities with a copy of a handwritten letter, which their daughter had written to McKinley.

In the letter, the victim stated she met with a social worker and a police officer and had been interviewed about the accusations.

The girl wrote that she was sorry and she loved him.

She also mentioned a ring he had given her.

The victim told a social worker that she and McKinley began their relationship December 2010, starting with kissing and groping at the YMCA.

The victim said she had sex with McKinley numerous times at his home address.

The victim said she and McKinley had sex “at least 20 times” in the past year or so. She also disclosed that McKinley had used his cell phone to take pictures of her naked on his bed.

In a search of McKinley’s prior offenses, police were able to find just one drunken driving arrest in Iowa.

The search warrant was executed by the Delavan police at 130 Autumn Drive, Delavan, where McKinley lived until shortly after his arrest.

His roommate reportedly asked that he not return.

Release of information collected through the search warrant is waiting for a completed complaint from the district attorney’s office.