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Couple is crippled by bad health, lack of income

March 29, 2012

Dear W.C.,

My husband and I are both disabled. I have an eye condition that is causing me to slowly go blind. My husband has a heart condition that he has been struggling with for the last five years. He has had surgeries and is on several very expensive prescriptions. I have not been able to see my ophthalmologist for the last year because we did not have the money. We have two mentally disabled children. We are trying to survive on my husband’s disability. I applied for disability last year and I am still waiting for approval. My vision keeps getting worse and I am so afraid I will go blind. I was working as a waitress but can no longer work due to my poor vision. We have fallen behind on our electric, gas, and rent. I am so sorry to ask, but we have no one else to turn to. Can you please help us?

Disabled family

Dear Readers,

This is another of our struggling fellow Americans trying to get by with disabilities. The mother worked until she could no longer drive, due to her increasing blindness. At work she was criticized for walking too slow. This was due to her only having 20 percent of her eyesight. The father had been unable to work for the past two years, and was receiving disability. According to the state the mother did not qualify for disability yet. What I saw when I paid a visit was even worse than her letter portrayed.

Their apartment was sparsely furnished. The children were playing alone in opposite sides of the room. The husband was lying on the couch, and just trying to sit up to meet me caused him to gasp for air. He explained he had a heart condition that made most activity impossible. I could see the mother feeling her way around the couch to help him up. The mother’s blindness was more progressed than her letter explained. I wondered how anyone could question her need for disability. But I have seen the approval for disability for many that really need it, like this woman, take a long time, sometimes years. At the same time I have seen those on disability that really did not need it. After spending several hours with this woman, observing her, and talking with her previous employer, this woman struggling with very poor eyesight needed our help. The employer told me how this woman hid her poor eyesight from him and never said a word. The employer commented that every month she kept walking slower, turned into customers, until finally he yelled at her, and she broke down into tears telling him she was going blind.

I took a good look around the small room and noticed there were hardly any furnishings. The children’s clothing was in poor condition. The mother looked much too thin. These are some of the things I look at when doing a home visit, all tell tale signs of financial distress. I asked the mother if I could look around the apartment. I could tell she was a little embarrassed. I told her not to worry, I just wanted to see how much food they had. I was surprised to see how neat and orderly everything was, but saddened to see how little food was in the refrigerator and cupboards. When I commented on how neat everything was, the mother explained it made her vision disability easier if everything was in its place. It certainly made sense, as I looked at her husband’s prescriptions lined up neatly and cups with the children’s names on them written very large.

I sat in the room with the husband and wife to go over their financial situation. I could see they desperately needed the wife’s disability checks to begin. I asked the wife if there was any progress on that and she said they had assured her they were to begin soon. At the present time they were behind in their rent and utilities by two months. The mother admitted to giving her husband and children larger portions of food. She began to cry when she said the children had told her they were still hungry one day after they had only enough food for a small meal. The mother said she would rather go hungry than ever hear her children complain of hunger again. The husband was upset when he heard her confession as he did not even realize that was what she had been doing.

I reassured both of them that The Time Is Now to Help would not let them go hungry any longer. We brought their rent and utilities up to date. I called a volunteer to help with purchasing food and another to drive them to medical appointments. I have to take this opportunity to thank the several hundred people who have offered to volunteer. God bless each and every one of you. I have called on many to help. At the same time, if I have not called you as a volunteer, it is because we are very blessed to have many, many caring volunteers.

I told the mother she was to see her eye doctor immediately. I told her if she could preserve even a small amount of vision it was worth it to be able to see and care for her children and husband. She began to cry again, realizing she had actually been making their situation worse by not caring for her own needs. Even though, financially she did not have a choice. Her immediate concerns were feeding her children and keeping her family from becoming homeless.

Their lack of health insurance for the past two years stopped her from seeing her doctor. The extremely poor condition of her husband’s heart made her prioritize his several heart medications. He is much too young to be in such a condition. The present health care plan by the government is not the partial band aid needed. As American citizens we need access to a good health plan for everyone, just like our politicians have. Watch how fast everyone would share in that part of the American dream, good health insurance, if our politicians had to be on the same plan as everyone else. There is certainly a social injustice for American citizens that do not have access to quality health insurance.

Both Republican and Democrats, voted in to represent the American people, agree on their great benefit of the best health care, we pay for. You never hear them disagree about the health care we provide for them. So let us take that same plan and give it to all of us the American people. No more fellow Americans losing their homes due to medical bills. No more fellow creations suffering due to lack of health insurance. The same peace of mind our government officials enjoy should be reciprocated to all Americans. This is what by, for, and of the people is all about. Somehow we get ignored while the, should be illegal, insurance company lobbyists get their way and the attention of our elected officials. Our government should be supporting the social justice if they are enjoying great health insurance paid for by us, the tax payers. The suffering and unnecessary deaths of Americans needs to end. Please call your senators and representatives, both Democrat and Republic, and tell them the American people need the same health care we provide for them.

Together we fed this family, removed the fears of homelessness, provided caring people to help. We replaced their fear and helplessness with love and hope. In five more weeks the woman’s first disability check showed up, allowing them to balance their budget. Once again, The Time Is Now to Help/you, removed the pain and suffering of poverty. Together, we make a big difference in the lives of many. God Bless all of you for making all our good works possible.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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