Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

D’Auria won’t be on board

by Rob Ireland

April 12, 2012

FONTANA — Derek D’Auria, who was elected to the Village Board last week, won’t take his seat for “personal and professional reasons.”

On April 3, voters picked trustee candidates Patrick Kenny, Rick Pappas and D’Auria to serve on the Village Board. D’Auria narrowly edged out incumbent Cynthia Wilson.

However, on April 9, D’Auria submitted a letter to the village stating he wouldn’t be able to serve on the board.

“I’m grateful to the people of Fontana who cast enough votes for me to win a seat in the election,” D’Auria wrote. “However, I regret that I will be unable to serve as trustee, due to personal and professional reasons. My best wishes are with the board and the community.”

D’Auria declined to elaborate on his decision.

Now, the next step for the village is finding a person to fill the vacancy on the board.

Village President Arvid “Pete” Petersen will be responsible for nominating a person and bringing the nomination to the Village Board.

The last time there was a trustee vacancy after an election, then Village President Ron Pollitt nominated the next highest vote-getter for the job, but after a contentious election that person was rejected by the rest of the trustees. Pollitt attempted to nominate several other people, but all of them were rejected.

Like Pollitt, Petersen said he will look to the other candidates that ran for trustee. However, Petersen doesn’t anticipate any opposition to those nominations.

After D’Auria, the next highest vote-getter was Wilson with 201 votes. Scott Vilona, who is a member of the village’s Finance Committee, received a 187 votes and Brandon Marvin earned 51.

Petersen said D’Auria decision didn’t catch him by surprise. Petersen said he spoke to D’Auria after the election, when D’Auria stated he may not be able to serve for “personal and professional reasons.”