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Woman behind in bills gets eviction notice

April 19, 2012

Thanks to all your generous support we have met The Montei Foundation $20,000 Matching Grant. What a wonderful group of donors we have been gifted with. You are all a blessing to our many good works. You have fed, clothed, and housed so many of our poverty stricken fellow Americans. In the near future we will share with you how every penny of this matching grant was distributed to our fellow creations in need. Thank you to The Montei Foundation for this wonderful opportunity, and to you for your gifts that met this matching grant. God bless all of you.

Dear W.C.,

I am struggling to support my children on my own. My ex-husband left us years ago and became an alcoholic. He is several months behind in his child support. I lost my job a few months ago and recently found another job. I have not been able to catch up on our rent and utility bills. I have received an eviction notice and a disconnection notice for our electric. If we do not find any help soon we will be homeless. Can you please help us?

Single Mom

Dear Readers,

I know we have had many columns before involving the struggles of single mothers. It is a common factor in many people struggling in poverty. I have said it before, and will continue to say it, fathers need to be responsible for their children. I know of many excellent fathers. Then there is a percentage of fathers that do not share in any of the caregiving or financial responsibilities. These are the fathers that put unnecessary hardship on their children. Their children go hungry and often end up homeless. How can they move on without a care for their own children? What kind of example of responsibility, loving, and caring are they setting for their children? That is why I feel the need for us to step in. We need to let these children know they are secure, cared for, and set a positive example for them to follow of caring for one another. Usually, but not always, the mother stands strong to love and care for her children.

I called the single mother to set up a time to meet. The mother said she had just talked to her landlord and she had told her they would have to evict soon. The landlord needed this rent to pay their own expenses. The mother asked if I could come by as soon as possible. I told her I would be right over.

When I arrived I saw the rental was actually a duplex. As it was a nice day the children were playing in the front yard while the mother watched. After we introduced ourselves we sat to talk on the small front porch. The children were five and seven years old. They were happy to run and play while we talked.

The mother explained her landlord was a senior citizen on a fixed income and lived on the other side of the duplex. She relied on her rent so she could pay her bills. The mother said she felt so guilty not being able to catch up on her rent and she knew it was causing her landlord hardship as well. The mother said she had gone to the food pantry when she was out of work since they did not have enough. After talking for a while about her history and situation, we went over her budget. It was obvious she needed her ex-husband to pay the child support, especially since she had to take a pay cut when getting her new job. I asked if she had heard from her ex-husband at all. She said she had reported him to the courts and they had tracked him down at his job. He was put in jail with work release privileges until he got caught up on his child support. This would also sober him up to help him become more responsible.

She had applied for assistance but was waiting to hear if she was approved yet. Her rent was very reasonable and with her senior landlord needing the rent to make her own budget, I could not ask for a rent reduction. I did meet the elderly landlady and I told her we would pay the overdue rent and next month’s rent as well. This would allow the mother to get caught up and back on her budget. The elderly landlady sighed with relief.

We went over all the mothers expenses and I could see she had been living very frugally already. Her car was in need of repair work and gas vouchers would also help. I asked about the job she had lost and she became very sad. She said she had worked for her previous employer for over seven years and had loved her job. She told me her attendance had been excellent for years. The one night she could not come in due to her lack of child care, there was a big event planned. Her employer had become extremely irate and had fired her on the spot when she called to tell them the situation. The employer had not even let her get the whole story out. I could see she was very hurt by their rash decision that was now causing her and her children financial hardships. I asked if I could call the employer that had fired her to try and see if there was any other opportunity for her. The mother was not sure she could work for someone that had treated her like that, but would do it only for her children. I called the employer and found them to be very apologetic. Not only were they sorry for the way they had treated her they asked if she was interested in returning to work for them, with a pay raise as well. This was an interesting turn in events. The employer said they had been trying for months to hire someone that worked as well as she did and they had been unable to replace her. They realized how harsh they had treated her and tried to call her several times to apologize and ask her back, but her phone line had been disconnected. I told them the mother would call them back in a few minutes from my phone to give them an answer.

After I hung up the phone I told the mother every word they had said to me. I could see tears in her eyes. She finally felt appreciated for the years of devoted employment she had given them. She decided if they were being apologetic, she could be forgiving. She knew what this employment opportunity meant to her children. She could feed, clothe, and house her children on her own. She called them back and I listened to a heartfelt conversation filled with apologies and forgiveness. She reassured them that she now had responsible child care and they reassured her that they would never treat her in such a manner again.

After our assistance with rent, utilities, food, car repairs, and gas vouchers, the single mother was able to provide all expenses for her family going forward. She just needed our helping hand getting caught up. At my last check up on this mother and children, I was happy to hear a completely different person on the phone. She sounded strong, confident, and happy. She was extremely grateful for our heartfelt assistance that kept her children safe and provided her family the help they needed to fill the gap from poverty to survival.

God Bless all of you for helping our fellow creations by removing their pains of poverty. Your help is what makes The Time Is Now to Help so successful in its fight to end the suffering of poverty. Thank you for your caring and sharing for our fellow Americans in need.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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