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Woman care for handicapped son

May 03, 2012

Dear W.C.,

I am writing to see if you can help my friend. She cares for her handicapped son fulltime. Last month I noticed they did not have enough food and brought over some when I could. I am a single mother feeding three children myself so this is not something I can do for them on a regular basis. I would gladly do this for them if I could afford to. I noticed my friend always feeds her son before she will even touch any of the food that I bring over. Her small apartment is always cold and they are both wrapped in blankets most of the time. She keeps all the lights off. I know from reading your column that these are all signs that my friend is having trouble keeping up. Could you please check on them?

Dear readers,

I visited the friend unannounced. I found just what the friend had told me in her letter. A very thin woman caring for a teenage boy in a wheelchair with multiple handicaps, living in a cold, dark apartment. I was so grateful that the friend had brought this struggling mother and son to our attention. So many times these fellow creations do not realize there is a group like ours, The Time Is Now to Help, that cares. Most times they do not have internet access, a car, telephone, or other means for communicating with welfare agencies. These people go unnoticed, hungry, cold, and in fear of homelessness.

The mother had a heavy coat on when she answered the door. She only opened it a crack and asked who I was. I showed her identification and the letter written by her friend on her behalf. She took the letter from me and I could see the tears of shame in her eyes as she read the letter. She said she knew the handwriting of her best friend and she believed she had written to us for her. The mother said she had never heard of The Time Is Now to Help. I explained some of what we do and brought pictures and newspapers with to show her proof.

When I met the son I could see she was a very devoted loving mother. The son was unable to talk clearly and had a hard time holding his head still. She said he had suffered trauma during birth and was severely disabled. She said he also suffered from seizures.

We spoke about many things pertaining to his daily care and assistance they were receiving. When I asked about the father, the mother lowered her head and said he was not a part of their lives. I asked if she was receiving any support from him and she said no. He had left when he saw the extent of care that would be needed to care for their son with severe disabilities.

I went over their immediate needs and found them in desperate need of utility and food assistance. The son also needed some clothing and they both needed toiletries. I made my calls to some volunteers to help the mother and son with these needs. I knew the volunteers would be a big help for this mother and son even after the immediate needs were taken care of.

I ended our visit with a promise to return. At the follow up visit I was happy to see a warm apartment with the lights on. The son had on a clean well fitting outfit one of the volunteers had provided him. The mother was extremely grateful for the assistance we provided for them. She said, “God Bless everyone at The Time Is Now to Help. What a gift all of you have been to my son and I.”

God Bless all of you for helping our fellow creations by removing their pains of poverty. Your help is what makes The Time Is Now to Help so successful in its fight to end the suffering of poverty. Thank you for your caring and sharing for our fellow Americans in desperate need.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

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