Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Sheriff warns of phone scam

May 31, 2012

ELKHORN — Walworth and Rock county residents are now receiving phone scam calls to their landline and cell phones, according to a press release from the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department.

Residents in both counties are receiving automated calls asking for credit or debit card numbers and pin numbers due to "unauthorized activity or withdrawals" from the "fraud investigation unit" on their cards. The incoming calls show "2000" or "000000000" on caller ID screens.

The automated voice prompts users to press certain keys on their phones, which may enable the scam artist to access credit or debit card information.

Sheriff David Graves reminds everyone to never give out personal information over the telephone, including credit/debit information, Social Security number, date of birth, or bank information such as routing number or account number, according to the press release.