Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

This weekend's boat races cancelled

by Rob Ireland

May 31, 2012

PELL LAKE — There are just too many weeds in the lake for the boat races to occur this weekend.

On Thursday afternoon Kip Trumpulis, the promoter/organizer of the race, called the Regional News to say he had to postpone it for a week while volunteers continued to remove weeds from Pell Lake.

“There were so many weeds,” said Trumpulis , who is with the Badger State Outboard Association. “We have been cutting them all week, and there is just so many there is no way we can get it done in time for the race.”

Since last Sunday, Trumpulis, of Pell Lake, said he has had between 10 to 15 volunteers a day removing weeds from Pell Lake. Now, he plans on removing the weeds until next Friday so the races can be held on June 9 and 10.

Trumpulis said two weed-cutting machines were donated to assist in the removal, but even that couldn’t remove the vegetation fast enough.

“You can make a giant salad out of all those weeds,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the powerboat races haven’t occurred as planned because of the lake conditions.

In 2011, Trumpulis said the races were planned, but cancelled because of the weeds in Pell Lake. The races were first held in 2009 and again in 2010.

Trumpulis said the races were rescheduled to June in hopes that the weeds wouldn’t have grown high enough to affect the boats.

However, Trumpulis said a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative told him the weeds grew faster this season because of an early spring, an early thaw and lower than normal lake levels.

“Early spring was the big cause, I think we had spring in February,” he joked.

The races are a fundraiser and the proceeds go to Pell Lake Sportsmen’s Club for weed removal in the lake, Trumpulis said.

“It is for raising money to help with that atrocious weed problem that they got there,” he said.

Trumpulis said he is sure the weeds will be removed in time for next week’s race.

“It was hard decision to make,” Trumpulis. “Boat racers come from like three states to come here. We had to decide today before people start showing up tomorrow.”

Postponing the race may affect the number of racers who show up next week. However, Trumpulis still anticipates being able to hold a well-attended race.

“A lot of these racers plan all year for their races,” he said. “There is a possibility I wouldn’t know until next week, but we might lose 10 to 20 percent of the original boats that were coming.”