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Never mentioned their poverty

August 02, 2012

Dear W.C.,

I am writing to see if you can help my brotherís family. I live out of state and found your organization online. The Time Is Now to Help may be his only chance.

I tried to call my brother and his wife for over a week and never received a call back.

Then I got a message that said their number was no longer in service. I became very worried and decided to drive to their house a few hours away from mine.

What I found scared me even more. Their house had a foreclosure sign in front of it and looked long neglected. When I looked through the windows I saw they no longer lived there. I was shocked and did not know where to find them or if they were OK. All the times I spoke with them over the last few months, not once did they mention they were having such a hard time financially.

My sister-in-law had been struggling with an extensive bone disease and had to give up her job because she was no longer capable of working long hours. I know if at all possible my brother would never let his wife and two children live out of their car.

I decided to call all the local motels to see if they were staying at any of them. I found them at the third motel I called. I drove right over to have a talk with my brother and sister-in-law.

At first I could see my brother was very ashamed that I had found them at the motel, with boxes and bags piled everywhere. He was embarrassed and even had tears of shame in his eyes.

I asked him what was going on and he invited me inside to talk. I did not know his job had been cut back drastically and he was only working part-time. My sister-in-law did not look well either. My young niece and nephew looked sad and confused.

They are the only family I have. I wish I could help them financially, but I am barely getting by myself. I can only afford a small efficiency apartment so there is not enough room at my place. It also would be much too far for my brother to drive to work.

I really feel The Time Is Now to Help is their only hope.

Worried sister

Dear readers,

I went to the motel listed on the sisters letter and knocked on the door. It was answered by a thin tired looking man.

After I introduced myself he informed me his sister had told him she had sent a letter to our organization. I told him how concerned his sister and The Time Is Now to Help was over the whole families well being. He asked me into the small motel room, cluttered with all the personal belongings they could fit. He said the rest of their belongings had been sold or left behind.

I asked where his wife and children were and he said the children had taken their mother for a walk in her wheel chair. I told him this would be a good time to talk about their financial situation and he pleaded, ďThere is no better time. Is there any way you can please help my family?Ē

The money from the sale of their furniture was what they used to pay for their motel room but they only had enough for one more week.

They had been looking for a rental but did not have enough money for both first monthís rent and security deposit. I asked what they planned on doing when their week was up at the motel and he hung his head in shame and admitted he did not have a plan.

I asked about his job and he said he was a tradesman. His hours had always fluctuated, but nothing like recently. His hours had come to a near standstill in summer, the recession was killing the company he had worked for the last eighteen years.

He said they had always got by before when his wife was able to work at least part time. Now due to her illness, she could barely care for the children and herself. The father said he felt sure this flare-up was due to their present stressful situation.

I asked if he had applied for jobs elsewhere. He said he had tried but no one was hiring people with his job skills.

I suggested looking outside of his past experience and trying something different. I told him to go to the library that afternoon to look online for job openings. I advised him he was in survival mode and would need to secure another job for his family.

I promised the father we would not let his family become homeless but he needed to do his part in pursuing another job to secure their financial security. I covered the motel rent for another week. I told him we would help with first monthís rent and security deposit as soon as he secured a job.

We got his cell phone turned on and I told him to call after securing a job. With a heartfelt smile he said he would get a job, thanking us for the hand up.

I received a call four days later letting me know he had gotten a job. I knew the owner and confirmed his employment. He showed me two rentals in the newspaper.

They were reasonable and included utilities. One rental was a home divided into two apartments. It was small but was on the ground floor and had already been updated for the past handicapped occupant. I encouraged the father to rent this property as it was in a better neighborhood and I knew the landlord. He is a fair and upstanding man that takes pride in his rentals.

I asked to see his transportation. He pointed out an old pickup truck that looked like it needed work. Sure enough the truck he showed me was in desperate need of maintenance. I gave him permission to bring the car to the repair shop we use for all of our The Time Is Now to Help car repairs. I left him with gift cards for gas and food.

The next day I returned to the motel room. I found it to be much more lively with the children and wife there. After we all spoke for a few minutes the father said he wanted to tell me about his new job.

The family gathered around listening intently to the father describe his new job. Unbeknownst to them I had talked to the employer prior to our visit. the employer told me, ďThis man works with such enthusiasm and eagerness I have never seen in an employee. He is great. In fact his production is so high I already gave him a raise.Ē I thanked the employer for providing this man and his family such a great opportunity. The employer said, ďIt feels great to help.Ē

The father continued telling the family and I of his job. The wife and children were so happy to hear their husband/fatherís good news.

My dear friends, we are so blessed to be a part of easing the pains of poverty for our fellow creations. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you for caring and sharing. Donít forget the Richard H. Driehaus $30,000 Matching Grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched by the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust.

Once again, together we make our world a better place doing Godís good works.

Health and happiness, God bless everyone, W.C./Sal

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