Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Village seeks frog removal

by Jade Bolack

August 16, 2012

FONTANA — Members of the Community Development Authority in Fontana would like to remove the remains of a former miniature golf course.

Jay Hicks, a member of the CDA, calls the large green frog on Highway 67 “an eye sore.”

“I would like to, maybe with volunteer work or get somebody to lend us some money, get rid of the frog and landscape that area,” he said at the Aug. 8 meeting. “We would approach him and say, ‘We’ll take it down and landscape it.’ It would enhance his property.”

Kelly Hayden, village administrator, asked the CDA to give her some time to see if any building and zoning regulations could be used instead.

“(Let me see) if there’s something that we can send them to address the problem first,” she said. “Maybe there’s some avenue that we can try.”

Hicks said he’s upset by the way the frog changes the image of the village.

“It’s falling apart,” he said. “It really makes us look bad.”