Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Man guilty of selling heroin

by Rob Ireland

November 22, 2012

A 45-year-old Pell Lake man, who was arrested twice in 2012 for selling heroin, pleaded guilty Nov. 21 to four felony charges.

Randal L. Bass, W1726 Litchfield Road, pleaded guilty to felony charges of bail jumping, delivering heroin, possession of heroin with intent to deliver and theft of movable property.

Bass is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 6. Assistant District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld and defense attorney Frank Lettenberger have also likely reached a joint agreed sentence of four years initial confinement and eight years extended supervision.

Wiedenfeld said that recommendation was read into the record during the plea hearing.

However, Judge John Race isn’t obligated to abide by the agreement and could alter the sentence.

According to the criminal complaint on the original heroin charge:

While working with a confidential police informant, the Walworth County Drug Unit conducted controlled buys of heroin on Feb. 28, 29 and March 1.

On Feb. 28, the informant set up a meeting with Bass at the Mobil Mart in Pell Lake to purchase heroin.

The informant told police he purchased the drug directly from Bass, but a man he knew as “Mike” was also with him.

On Feb. 29, the informant, while working with the drug unit, contacted Bass and met with him. The informant told police that at the residence “Mike” handed him heroin.

On March 1, the informant called Bass and received a call back from “Mike.” According to the informant, “Mike” handed him the drug, but Bass was with him.

Police showed the informant pictures of Michael Moore, who he identified as “Mike.”

Moore pleaded not guilty June 22 to two counts of delivering heroin. He is scheduled for a Dec. 17 jury trial.

On March 29, police stopped Bass’ vehicle on Highway U. Moore was with Bass during the traffic stop.

Police searched Bass and found two stacks of currency. One stack totaled $333 and the other was $1,450. Bass also had a vial, which contained 4.33 grams of heroin.

After the traffic stop, police searched Bass’ residence and found a scale and two bindles of heroin.

During an interview with police, Bass said he picks up heroin daily from Illinois, and he normally buys between 8 and 10 grams. Bass told police he sells the drug to about 10 people.

According to the theft complaint filed against Bass:

A neighbor witnessed Wayne R. Sertzel, 41, and Bass load metal support beams onto a trailer.

Sertzel told police he and another man loaded the beams and hid them in a field.

However, when the men returned, the beams were gone. Sertzel, Lake Geneva, pleaded guilty Feb. 24 to a felony charge of theft and was sentenced to three years probation.