Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

2012's top story: Voters approve Reek referendum

by Steve Targo

December 27, 2012

Perhaps the Rule of Three figured heavily into 2012s top news story of the Geneva-Linn section.

Twice in 2011, the Reek School Board failed to receive enough votes on a referendum to approve a $3.9 million renovation project.

For its third run at the polls Nov. 6, the board took things slow, scaled the project back and secured a 337-264 victory.

I was optimistic about our chance of success because I felt people were really behind whats best for the kids, Reek Administrator Joe Zirngibl said in a Nov. 8 interview.

A few years back, school officials discussed making repairs to mainly the 1993 addition.

Its bricks and windows are deteriorating, the roof needed some work and there also were discussions of making some technological upgrades and changing the school entrance to improve security.

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