Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Lyons man allegedly had child porn

by Rob Ireland

February 28, 2013

During an undercover operation, FBI agents allegedly collected child pornography from a Lyons man on an online file-sharing network.

Tony J. Zeisse, 33, 1419 Creek Side Drive, has been charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment and $100,000 in fines. Each charge also carries a minimal term of confinement of three years.

Zeisse was arrested at his home after FBI agents allegedly downloaded content from him on the peer-to-peer file sharing network Ares. On peer-to-peer file sharing networks users can share videos, pictures and music with each other. On the networks, data can be shared across states and even into foreign countries.

According to the criminal complaint:

In July 2012, a Special Agent with the FBI was investigating child pornography being shared on peer-to-peer file sharing networks. Police identified one IP address that was sharing 57 files of investigative interest.

FBI agents issued a subpoena on September 2012 to the Internet service provider for the user of the IP address. Through the subpoena, FBI agents linked the IP address to a home on Creek Side Drive, town of Lyons.

The FBI agent reported that he was able to download six video files of young and or prepubescent children engaged in sexually explicit acts from the IP address that was connected to the home on Creek Side Drive.

On Oct. 16, FBI agents searched the home and met with Zeisse and his mother. Police located two computers in the basement.

During the initial examination of a computer, FBI agents found at least 250 files with filenames indicative of child pornography.

When FBI agents interviewed Zeisse, he admitted that the room in the basement is his and so is the computer. He said he uses multiple peer-to-peer file sharing networks to search for child pornography.

He also told FBI agents that he has collected child pornography on and off since high school and would periodically delete every thing before collecting again. He said he started his current collection about a year and a half ago. FBI agents searched the devices removed from Zeisse’s home and identified 477 still images and 61 movies of suspected child pornography.