Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Whitewater man gets probation for pot

March 14, 2013

A 48-year-old Whitewater man who was arrested last year for fondling himself in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Anderson Library will spend the next three years on probation.

As a condition of his probation, Thomas M. Fields, 720 E. Clay St., must serve five months in the jail with work-release privileges and complete 30 hours of community service. He also was fined $100.

On May 9, Anderson was arrested while wearing a sweatshirt that had a hole in that provided him access to his pubic area.

Fields pleaded guilty March 8 to a felony charge of possession of marijuana, as a second and subsequent offense and a misdemeanor charge disorderly conduct, as a repeat offender.

In 2007, Fields was convicted of misdemeanor lewd and lascivious behavior in Rock County. In that case, Fields received a nine-month jail sentence, which included work-release privileges.

According to the criminal complaint disorderly conduct:

On May 5, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Department received a call of a suspicious male who was staring at female students. The caller reported the man kept his hands in the front pocket of his sweatshirt. On May 7, a sergeant told the woman to contact police if she saw the man again. On May 9 the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Department received a similar call.

The woman told police the man made her feel uncomfortable and his hands were moving around in the front of his sweatshirt.

An officer responded to the library and and observed Fields, who he already recognized, on the second floor of the library sitting near the main entrance.

The officer observed that Fields’ hands were moving inside his sweatshirt and he was looking at female students. The officer approached Fields and asked him how he was doing, and what he was up to that afternoon. When the officer was speaking to Fields, his hands continued to move inside of his sweatshirt. The officer asked Fields to remove his hands, but Fields didn’t obey his command.

The officer removed Fields’ hands and found a hole in his sweatshirt. When he lifted Fields’ sweatshirt, he saw Fields’ zipper was completely unzipped. Fields quickly zipped it.

Fields told the officer he had done nothing wrong.

Fields later told the officer it was a good thing he was caught because his activities would now stop. Fields also told the officer he didn’t know why he chose the Anderson Library to watch women, but that the campus does have a lot of younger women.

According to the criminal complaint on the marijuana charge:

On May 10, Whitewater police raided Fields apartment and found about 9.4 grams of pot. In 2007, in Rock County, Fields was convicted of possessing marijuana.