Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Learning to face, overcome challenges

by Jade Bolack

July 18, 2013

On July 4, I crossed the finish line of my first 5K race in two years.

It was an exhilarating rush. All adrenaline, all smiles, all sweat.

On July 9, I celebrated a one-year anniversary with the Regional News.

Passing this milestone with the Regional News was an exhilarating rush, too.

Iíve always been a sucker for milestones, for keeping time, for celebrating segments of life.

I love birthdays, anniversaries, saint days and holidays.

Itís the same idea that made me sign up for a 5K after not racing for so long. Passing the finish line is another reason to celebrate.

The celebrating is part of the preparation for the next race, a four-mile run coming up in a month.

I celebrate because I know the next four weeks will be tough, adding an extra mile to my training while speeding up my pace.

Last Thursdayís run was about the challenge.

This past year was a challenge, too, the kind of challenge that makes a person stronger, that turns a person into who sheís really supposed to be.

This reporter wonít be sliding through life avoiding challenges.

No, this past year at the Regional News has taught me a person canít survive without testing the waters.

As the anniversary approached, I decided to find other challenges to overcome and celebrate.

I took a boat tour of the lake.

This is only daring for someone who canít swim, myself included.

While I was on the boat, looking at houses and kids on inner tubes, I thought about not being able to swim.

I donít even know why I canít swim, why Iím afraid to go in the water.

So, after working up some courage, I bought a swimsuit.

This was daring in itself.

Then, I went to the lake, Geneva Lake, the lake that draws you in like a magnet.

I jumped right in before I could lose all this anniversary courage.

Iím reporting now that I did not die, but the part of me that attested I ďcouldnít swimĒ did.

I tried some of the moves I remembered from watching Olympic swimming on TV.

They didnít work for me.

While I canít swim in the traditional sense of the word, I do not drown immediately upon entering the water.

I just flail around.

It was way too early on a Saturday morning for anyone else to be on that stretch of shoreline. No one was there to judge me but myself.

While I did not fall in love with swimming, I did fall in love with being in, on and near the water. Itís so good, yet so simple.

Being in the lake is a celebration itself.

In July 2012, I wrote that I was content with my life after starting at the Regional News.

That is still true, but after a year with this paper, I need to make sure contentment doesnít become complacency.

I may not be seen on a Jet Ski anytime soon, but I do plan to try new, daring things as often as I can.

Bolack is a reporter for the Regional News.