Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Keefe leaves Fontana school board

by Jade Bolack

August 22, 2013

FONTANA — Earlier this month, Jennifer Keefe resigned her position as the Fontana School Board President.
Keefe cited personal reasons for leaving the board. “I just have a lot of personal things going on right now,” she said during a phone interview Aug. 16. “It has put things in the overwhelming category for me. I decided I need to simplify my life a little bit.”
Keefe said some family concerns were the contributing factor.
“I’m not opposed to (running for the board again),” she said. “I’m not sure. I enjoyed the work, and I learned a lot. I really appreciated meeting and getting to know the other board members. At this time, it was just too much.”
The board is accepting applications for the empty seat, which will be filled by a board appointment.
Keefe said she thinks current board Vice President Joe McHugh will become president.
“He’s more familiar with being on the board,” Keefe said. “The other three, Lisa (Laing), Chadd (Hartwig) and Rebecca (Fay-Decker) are all fairly new. I’m sure he’ll do phenomenally.”
Keefe said she plans to remain involved with the school.
“I think right now that I’m going to help out here and there with different volunteering aspects,” she said. “Nothing that requires any type of commitment at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get more involved again in the future.”
At the Aug. 7 school board meeting, District Administrator Sara Norton said Keefe would be missed on the school board.
“She was very active on the board,” Norton said. “She really cares about the school and how it’s run. I hope she stays involved at the school.”