Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Comments show variance in parking perceptions

by Chris Schultz

September 05, 2013

If the comments on a series of parking surveys taken earlier this year are any indication, it’s a sure bet someone is going to be unhappy no matter what the city decides to do about downtown parking.
As part of its parking study, the Lake Geneva Parking Commission issued parking surveys, both in paper and online, in three flavors, downtown business operators, downtown employees and general users.
The surveys allowed participants to make additional comments about parking.
Rich & Associates, the consultants doing the city’s parking study, included the comments in its preliminary report.
Here are a few, selected, categorized and edited in a very unscientific manner.

We need a parking structure

No we don’t

We don’t like to pay

We don’t like how we pay

We got a problem

Problem, what problem?