Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August Elected Speaker Pro Tempore of State Assembly

by Press Release

September 05, 2013

MADISON - State Representative Tyler August, R-Lake Geneva, announced today that he has been elected by his peers to act as the next Speaker Pro Tempore of the State Assembly. As Speaker Pro Tem, August will preside over debate in the State Assembly when it reconvenes for legislative session this fall.

 “I am humbled by the vote and truly appreciate the support of my colleagues,” August said.  “As Speaker Pro Tem, my top priority will be ensuring the State Assembly runs efficiently and fairly.”

The Speaker Pro Tem is the second highest constitutional position in the Wisconsin State Assembly.  This key leadership position is selected by members of the Republican Majority in the State Assembly.  Pro Tempore is a Latin term for the phrase “for the time being.”  The main duty of the Speaker Pro Tem is to preside over the Assembly Chamber to ensure smooth and fair operation.

August takes over the position from former Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, who was just elected Majority Leader of the Assembly.  

“I am very pleased to pass the gavel toTyler August.  I am confident Tyler will do an excellent job serving as the presiding officer of the Assembly, as he has proven himself more than capable as my primary backup,” Kramer said.

August, who has experience filling in for Kramer as Speaker Pro Temp on a regular basis, said he expects a smooth transition this fall.  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Burlington, praised August as a welcome addition to the Assembly leadership team.

“Tylerhas a strong knowledge of the intricate rules of our body and he has already earned the respect of members of both sides of the aisle as he has presided over floor debates in the past. I look forward to working with him as the newest member of our leadership team,” Vos said.

August fills the new position immediately through the remainder of the current legislative session, with the first possible session days to occur later this month.